Mason Greenwood

  • Has he even played a first team game yet? £6 a share? That's a little crazy.

  • @ChintzyMoon Nothing surprises me anymore 😂

  • @ChintzyMoon doesn't make any difference.

  • @John-D You say that but what's driving the rise then? He has no chance of winning either PB or MB and on another thread the discussion around Sancho suggests that he is overpriced (which is probably very true) only he is in a position to win dividends. Greenwood is probably a season away from even getting a game.

  • Bit of a joke really. He has potential, yes but he hasn't done anything, nor has anything happened in the last 48 hours to warrant a rise. They're only getting close to the first team because United have 5-6 first team players out.

  • @ChintzyMoon Says who? He's been included in the squad for United's last few games. United are short on attacking options atm with half the team injured. Ole himself said he would've like to give Greenwood a go but he's been injured at the wrong time. He's highly talented, probably the best player in United's academy atm. I think you're better off joining the hype, we've seen it a few times with CHO and Sancho how valuable Young English strikers are in this game. I genuinely think he'll hit 7/8 pounds once he gets his debut and if he becomes a first team regular then you're looking at a 14-15 pound player(adjust for SS).

  • @NewUser280785 No he hasn’t been in any match squads. It’s been the likes of Chong, Garner, Gomes

  • Pretty much everyone who's watched him closely think he's very special, Andy Cole is the latest to come out and say he was wowed out by his ability and Cole has played with some fantastic players. I think what gets people is he's genuinely two footed, add that to his pace/dribbling, finishing and overall technique then it makes for an incredible combination of attributes, I can't think of another player today with all those attributes who is two footed.

    To those who fear they've missed out on the Greenwood train it's still early, based on the index's history of when youngsters make their debut he's guaranteed a rise when that happens, it's getting close now with him having travelled with the squad to Palace. When you look at the prices of players like Sancho/Vinicius who have barely retuned any dividends yet it gives you great hope a fellow top young talent like Greenwood will get to those prices too. If he fulfils his potential he could be a media king as United are undoubtedly the top media club.

    I think it's important to mention his high IPO price of £1.80 which makes him look costlier than he really is, most of the top 200 players IPO prices were 25p or very close to that.

  • @NewUser280785 Is he going to start ahead of Rashford, Martial, Lakaku and even Sanchez this season?? IMO no, he won't. As NewUser82416 says he is only near the first team due to injuries to 1st team players. Lakaku is scoring again Rashford is fit now and Martial is back soon. Even if he did get a look in do you honestly believe that this young kid is going to win PB dividends that quickly?

    I'm not saying he doesn't have potential, i'm saying £6 is absolutely nuts given where he is currently at. There are plenty of young players out there with huge potential, they aren't trading at stupid prices.

  • Get on Ethan Hamilton lads! Doing the business since moving on loan to Rochdale in January and is only £0.73p!

  • Obviously the price is out of line.
    But imo he’ll win MB around the event of his first team debut alone. We know who he plays for, he’s a goalscorer (at U18 level) as mentioned by somebody else top level ex players are raving about him. If he becomes a first team player (which everyone on the inside clearly believes he will be) he’ll be £15 just for starters.

  • 6 pound fucking 10p? That's ridiculous.
    Just logged on for the first time in a few hours and seen Mason Greenwood is now 26th highest player on the index without playing a game, and the top riser in the top 200. He's above antoine griezmann who has WON A WORLD CUP! He's also above Sergio Aguero, who has scored 161 times in the Premier league, and somehow is almost £3 higher than Jesse Lingard - the England International who scored the winner in the FA Cup final, and is keeping him out the team. Who keeps buying this lad? In all seriousness, 100 people though buying him at 6.09 was a good bit of business. Hands up, who will be honest and admit it was them?

  • Crazy money for a nobody 😂👍

  • Gregf, and yet you hold Vinicius who all this applies to and is around double Greenwood's price 🤣

  • Remind me how many dividends Greenwood has won in the last 2 years vs how many Griezmann has won?

    Even if you consider how many they’re likely to win in the next 2 years it’s still no competition.


    V. Junior is overrated too, but at least he’s playing regularly for the biggest club in the world.

  • When he’s 20 he could be anything between £4 and £18 imo. Sancho is £15 playing for Dortmund. I’d be shocked if Greenwood hasn’t won MB’s after one first team appearance. This lad has the classic hallmarks of a media king.

  • @nally93 said in Mason Greenwood:

    Gregf, and yet you hold Vinicius who all this applies to and is around double Greenwood's price 🤣

    That is such BS haha. VJ is actually a first team player for Real Madrid. Greenwood can't even make the bench for Utd.

    Never take advice about Man Utd players from Man Utd fans. They probably all thought Macheda was going to be a world beater too

  • Anyone that thinks he will be under his current price on the morning of his first team debut.
    Please declare it now.

  • Greenwood was 15 2 years ago 🤣 hardly a fair comparison, and to static Greenwood is 15 months younger than Vinicius, I bet in 15 months he's playing and has won dividends.

  • @Static Can't even make the bench when Martial, Lingard, Herrera, Matic and Mata are all out injured... I'm not saying he doesn't have talent but £6 is absolutely ridiculous no matter how you try and justify it.

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