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    @Timothee-Atouba i think there is a kind of logic... young players at big clubs = huge hype as folk get excited by them.... as an investor i stay away because i only invest in players i believe in (ie having watched them at the highest level) but am i doing myself out of a return by neglecting this policy of youth???

    The next United 17 or 18 year old to debut whoever it may be whenever it may be will sky rocket in price... Form of FI suggests this!!! so maybe worth getting on the IPO and cashing out on debut for a healthy profit??

    I agree there is a logic:

    • Football fans at all levels of the pyramid think their young players are great, especially ones that have come through their academy
    • Man U have more fans than most clubs, therefore this hype is magnified
    • Man U are a big club and always in the media, therefore hype is magnified
    • A lot of Man U fans are glory supporters and picked Man U as a club because they're historically a massive club. Therefore they're unlikely to care too much about the world outside Man U and will focus on just Man U. Same rule applies for a lot of fans of other big Premier League clubs
    • Young, English players are a premium anyway

    Conclusion = Man U fans will believe the hype no matter what regarding their youth prospects. Chucking money at the next Man U IPO is likely to prove profitable over time provided you buy at the right time (at IPO, as you say) and sell at the right time (like you, @dannypea for me that would probably be when he gets 2 minutes off the bench). Selling is absolutely key because they are very unlikely to return you any dividends and even if they did, the opportunity cost would be ridiculous.

    All true, especially regarding how blinkered a lot of fans of big clubs are. Also I think with football fans and society in general so many people go overboard with hype. Within football there's so many youtube compilations, nonsense clickbait articles and so on that any half decent young player can be made to look a superstar and a hell of a lot of people gobble it up. I see on various forums etc people raving about what a great team England will have in 5 years or so with Greenwood, Longstaff, Rice, CHO and many more. A lot of this is based on very little evidence and doesn't account for some players not fulfilling their potential whilst also disregarding the fact that other countries have good young players too.

    My team Oxford signed a player last season called Xemi from Barcelona B and someone found a video of his best bits. It was a couple of half decent turns and a couple of fairly simple passes in games being played in front of dozens of people and a lot of fans lost their minds over it, saying how good he was and what an amazing signing he was.

    He was shite.

  • hahahahahaha

    sometimes there is valid reasons as to why these clubs let some players go!!!!

  • I would've took that last week, the youngest player ever to debut for United in Europe and second youngest in the Premier league. Didn't get many minutes but looked composed and confident to take players on the few times he got the ball 💪

  • @dannypea russell beardsmore! 😂😂

  • It's not about how much he's worth its about how much people think he's worth.

  • @Schmitcattaxi ahhh Russell Beardsmore.... That takes me back.

    I remember being at a wedding back when I was a kid up around the Wigan area & I threw a bit of a diva strop as one of the waitresses spilt my pudding on my lap & I stormed off to a corner of a room to sulk like a big pansy with the rest of the table laughing at my theatrics!

    And Russell Beardsmore came over to me because he heard I was a Man Utd fan & tried to talk me back to the table 🤣

  • @Ericali 😂😂 Is that your small claims court

  • My man Nketiah showed more threat even with his limited amount of touches.

  • @NewUser82416
    you're splitting hairs here comparing Greenwood and Nketiah. Both got 10mins and 3/4 touches on the ball lol

  • @NewUser280785 It was tongue in cheek haha but Nketiah did have more of a threat!

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