Share split

  • I'm a new user, just looking for some information on the share split. I know it's announced on the 18th all the dividend payments etc but is every player going to have their price quartered? Or only the expensive ones? If it's the latter I'm not sure how that would work but quartering the price of £1 players for example possibly seems unnecessary.
    Has there ever been a share split before and if so what happened then?

  • Share split has happened before, if split 4 ways then yes every player is split by 4, even 80p players

  • Was thinking about the share split and amazingly found it quite hard to find a post on it!
    Do you think that as its the start of March things will begin to ramp up in view of it just around the corner? I can imagine that quite a few will be looking to get in at the last minute on players they see benefiting from the ss.

  • @Weedster Undoubtedly things will ramp up majorly over the next few weeks. People will realise it’s their last chance to get in before there’s a split. Once it’s happened mindsets of new users is that they can afford the big stars and their prices will eventually rise back to their current levels over the next few years.

  • @TeamGB sincerely hope so mate, the buzz is going to begin again just like it did when announced at first.

  • FI need some really good marketing after the split or we all are going to be twiddling are fingers waiting for something to happen!

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