End of season

  • I'm a newby so apologies if this is a silly point/topic... I wanted to know what tends to happen once the season is over? Do international performances make a difference to player prices? I'm guessing summer transfer rumours can influence prices?..

  • Its all about transfer rumours next summer its the world cup with PB tho,

  • During the summer is usually the most profitable time on football index with all the transfer speculation and media buzz dividends. Also the world cup this summer so there will be performance buzz aswell.

  • @NewUser102663 International performances will certainly influence the price of the player this summer as FI are planning to do PB during the world cup, given that the WC has a maximum 4 games a day the pool of potential winners will be relatively low so I'd expect increases for the majority of players in the squads of the big guns.

    Once the WC has finished & non-game days during WC there will be triple media pay outs which are very profitable if you own the MB usual suspects or players on the move, but be careful as their price usually drop once the dust settles from the transfer and the media move on to the next transfer.

    Lastly transfer rumours, yes there is the potential to make money on speculation but there is also the possibility to lose your shirt, a few examples I can remember - James Rodriguez £3 ish when linked to United down to £1.20 ish when he signed loan to Bayern, Lewandowski literally flew to over £3 for a few hours when some 'reliable' source said he was moving to England before crashing back down. So yes there is money to be made but be cautious and beware media BS as it could leave you holding undesirable players for a long time or selling at a loss.

  • Yeah and ignore the daily express. Biggest bull re transfers 😂

  • If its like last season then lots of stress as your portfolio rockets and then plummets within hours. If you do hit on a transfer spec player then I reckon its best to take your profits asap - and then keep away - no regrets.

    And take any links to Man Utd with a pinch of salt