Claudio Gomes

  • Is he going to take off like Greenwood ?

  • For a French defensive midfieler currently in the Man City academy I’d say he is at his peak value already at £1.54

  • @Chris-J thanks

  • As overpriced as Greenwood is he ticks a lot of boxes that inflate a young players value;

    Man United
    Highly talented and rated/hyped
    Very close to a first team debut

    He has a lot of work to do on the pitch to justify his current price in my opinion - will most likely continue to rise regardless but the bubble will burst at the point at which he doesn’t become a superstar.

    High risk for me - but there is potential for high reward if you look at the values of top players in his position.

    Gomes on the other hand is already more expensive than Kante who is arguably the best in the world in that position - don’t see how any further rise can be justified even if he becomes one of the best DMs in the world.

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