Will marhrez bounce back ?

  • I lost a few quid on him but he seems so low now that surely he can only go up from here right ?

  • tricky one, its a thing where he will only go up if he happens to score a goal in a game and then he will be instantly dumped.. cant see him being a long term hold for many.

  • @Jad1982 He needs to be playing regularly and he's rise a fair bit I reckon. Trouble is he's not been at city that long so unlikely to leave and unlikely to push for a transfer now unless he wants to play week in week out.

    He's one I've looked at and just decided against for the reasons above.

    Not sure why someone has confirmed your post. Really unnecessary.

  • I noticed Mahrez's price yesterday and wondered if he would be worth buying into. I decided against it.

    He is 28 and will never be a regular for City. If anything it will only get harder for him to pin a place down as Foden improves and City inevitably buy other people. For his price to go up he would need a run of games, a few goals and the media to start praising him like they did at Leicester.

    For me he has just become one of those players that no one is bothered about anymore. He doesn't look special now he is at City. Wouldn't surprise me if he moves to China in a couple of years (or PSG)

  • He's a good PB performer when he plays but his game time has suffered the most from De Bruyne returning and the form of Bernardo Silva.

    I'd forget him for this season unless injuries see him becoming a regular.

    For me he's one to watch for possible transfer spec and then see where he's at next season.

  • And De Bruyne walks off injured.

    Could see a rise for Mahrez.

  • It’s funny KBD will have earned more in Mb from being injured than actually playing football.

  • @Tom77 didn't he also rise 3 or 4 quid when he was injured for a few months earlier this season too? The way he's going he'll be the next 10 quid player!

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