Joe willock Is better than Chang and greenwood

  • He's at least played and done well every time scoring 3 goals and he's English so why is he so cheap compared to supposedly talented Utd players that can't get in ahead of mctominay #confused

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  • Ah you're a new user, forwards and Man United players are generally worth more is the short answer.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 poor example as i personally dont think Mctominay is keeping Chong, Gomes or Greenwood out of the side considering he's older and plays a different position to all three. Be like saying Matic has kept Lukaku out of the side. Saying that willock is quality but Greenwoods price is probably more driven by the hope he does what rashfords done

  • @Shippers not quite as they're all midfielders but he chooses not to pick them so he can play more safe option in mctominey. If they're that good why are they stuck behind Sanchez and an injured lingard. Plus Fred, dalot and even perierra is ahead of them I pecking order talk sense you clown

  • @NewUser286293 NewUser286293 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mctominay is a CM/CDM playing similar role to Matic and Herrera. I wouldnt want Greenwood playing there 🤣🤣🤣🤣. It pointless bringing him up as he's not keeping Greenwood out of the team. He's not even keeping Gomes (CAM) or Chong (winger) out and to be honest to say they're "stuck" behind Sanchez is crazy. There all 17-19!!
    May be Chong could of gone in front of Dalot Wednesday but Dalots played a handful of games this season and is very attack minded.

  • @Shippers that's why I said you play a different formation and why is it silly as Sanchez has done nothing all season and these 3 young potential stars are no younger than mbappe sancho dembele were when they broke through and are same ages as hudson odoi nelson smith-rowe Brewster foden just to name a few but maybe they will prove me wrong i just think they are way overpriced considering they haventbkicked a ball in the 1st team compared to willock was my point in the 1st place

  • @Jad1982 Those lads you mention are getting games in forgein leagues and wouldn't be getting that time in the PL (well maybe mbappee). For those playing in the PL are bit part subs or being played in cup. As I said I believe Greenwoods price is driven in the hope he does something similar to Rashford. Maybe Greenwood should be nearer Willock's price but Man u players are very well Media driven (good or bad) so that plays a part. Sanchez has been poor but he's also on 300k a week so there could be pressure to play him. Maybe Ole thinks he can and wants to get best out of him. Sanchez isnt keeping Greenwood or Chong out he's the best option as albeit these two are quality they may not be fully ready that's the managers call. It doesn't make them poor players or not worth their price as one day they will.

  • @Shippers I don't believe I said they was poor players but they definately are overpriced because greenwood is not only behind the big money stars like Sanchez I get your point about him he's also behind at least 5 other players and it's more likely that Greenwood won't progress into the first team for at least another year and that's if United don't push him further back with new signings so at best he's value in a year or 2 if I'm buying now I only wish I was on him from the ipo

  • @Shippers only maybe for Mbappe? The boy has won more world cups than any starting striker in the Premier league, and would walk into any side in the world.
    For the record, I also think Dembele and Sancho would get into most teams in front of their wingers too. Granted Dembele hasn't had the best season but recently he's come into his own, Sancho speaks for himself- I expect a summer full of transfer talk for him, especially with a move to one of the Manchester clubs on the horizon.

  • @Jad1982 I think it will help their development that Ole is manager rather than Jose but I've mentioned on another post these players won't get much if any game time this year. I just originally commented as felt Mctominay defo is not keeping Greenwood or Chong out. I assume you're on Willock which could prove to be a good buy but again he's quite far down the pecking order so will he get a full chance to show his worth (in the league I mean). I'm not on any of the Man u youngsters other than Gomes as agree they are a tad too high but it's the price they can get too once they play which wil make it worthwhile where as id rather see them play first.

  • @GregF my point was if these players stayed or started out in PL they wouldn't of been able to get where they are as quick other than maybe Mbappee as they wouldn't of been given the time. Those players made names for them selves outside of the PL. Sancho left due to this and I gotta be honest I can't see him returning so soon unless he's home sick but he will get so much attention over the summer and will be a huge MB winner. He's also quality which helps as he will be in England squad too

  • @Shippers funnily enough I don't own any futures in willock as I sort if agree with you that he's down the pecking order and chances will be rare to play and I haven't seen much activity on here to make me think his price will change rise soon so if anything he's a long term buy but could hold real value I think

  • Willock is an Arsenal yth product = will get massively injured every season or will be loaned out to random club and never seen again or if hes actually any good we will offer him peanutfree peanuts whilst euro top clubs offer him actual cash to sign. Utd yths at least end up playing for Sunderland.

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