Saturday Tips - 2nd March

  • Defenders :
    Jonathan Tah (23) Bayer Leverkusen - £1.92
    Victor Lindelof (24) Manchester United - £1.42
    Alessio Romagnoli (24) AC Milan - £1.70

    Midfielders :
    Hakan Calhanoglu (25) AC Milan - £1.57
    Bernardo Silva (24) Manchester City - £3.04
    Pablo Sarabia (26) Sevilla - £2.60

    Forwards :
    Kevin Volland (26) Bayer Leverkusen - £1.52
    Romelu Lukaku (25) Manchester United - £4.44
    Raheem Sterling (24) Manchester City - £8.28

  • It will be interesting to see which forum users offer the most productive tips over time.
    As such I'm going to try to keep score, as of yesterday 01/03/19

    Yesterday "Westy" offered three tips, one of which won a performance dividend - Manuel Akanji (defender). 1/3.

    0.3 points....and 1st place on the board - which will be the OP each match day (followed in a comment with any of mine....a little while later).

    As an example of points allocation.
    1 winning tip - 1 point
    2 winning tips - 2 points

    2 tips, 1 winner - 0.5 points
    10 tips, 3 winners - 0.3 points

    10 tips max should be reasonable enough, however and MB tips will not be included in scoring. Too predictable and would skew data.
    It would be nice if those who offer the best PB tips can be recognized as such if they choose.

    Tomorrow's (3rd/3rd) OP will read :

    Top tipsters :

    Westy - 0.3pts

    followed by any winning tips today.

  • @C-Arroyo

    Do you need to take single / double / treble PB into account? For instance you could say 1 winner out of 2 tips is worth 0.5 on a single day, but worth 1.0 / 1.5 on a double / treble day?

    Saturday then

    Def - Tah, Marquinhos
    Mid - Pogba, Draxler
    FWD - Jimenez... Tough one this... Gelson Martins, why not

  • Def - Shaw (Man U) £2.30
    Mid - Rebic (Frankfurt) £1.98
    For - Ben Yedder (Sevilla) £2.09

  • Def:
    Mario Hermoso (23) Espanyol - £1.35
    Luke Shaw (23) Man United - £2.30

    Bernardo Silva (24) Man City - £3.04
    Nicolo Zaniolo (19) Roma - £5.23

    Alexandre Lacazette (27) Arsenal - £3.03
    Kryszstof Piatek (23) Milan - £5.01

    Full disclosure - I own all the above except Piatek but I'm saving up for a small holding.

  • @Pierre_FI.2129

    Sounds like a good suggestion.

    Yesterday was single day so Westy gets 0.3pts

    However we can double/triple as appropriate, makes sense unless more people object and we'll look again.

    So had Westy's tip been on treble day that would have been 0.3pts x 3 = 0.9pts

    So today each of my tips (9) would be worth 0.1 x 3 pts
    Each of yours Pierre would be 0.2 x 3 points

  • @C-Arroyo Good idea but prepare yourself for some long hard hours of admin if it takes off:)

  • @NewUser144236

    Please change username to one that is more permanent.
    I'll start adding points from the day that's done.
    If you can do that at some point today on this thread, adding that you are "newuser144236" above - I can include those three in points (assuming they're winning tips).

  • Shaw, ramos
    Sarabia, messi
    Aguero, zaha

  • Defender - Rose (spurs)
    Midfield - Pogba (united)
    Forward - Poulsen (Leipzig)

  • @C-Arroyo said in Saturday Tips - 2nd March:

    Defenders :
    Koscielny Arsenal
    Ramos Real Madrid
    Kimmich Bayern

    Midfielders :
    Havertz Leverkusen
    Pogba Man Utd
    Verratti PSG

    Forwards :
    Kane Tottenham
    Haller Frankfurt
    Werner Leipzig

  • Defender - Marquinhos
    Midfielder - Alcantara
    Forward - Volland

  • @C-Arroyo 9 sounds about the right number if thats ok

  • There going to be a cut off time?


    Thiago Silva
    Matt Doherty


    Tyler Adams


    Ben Yedder
    Timo Werner

  • @Allams-Out

    When I check back after games and total up...I'll keep an eye on time of individual posts, excluding any winning tips where players were named after their respective kick off times.

  • Points scorers today :

    Pierre_FI.2129 ;
    1/6 - Akanji
    0.17 x 3 = 0.51 pts

    C Arroyo ;
    1/9 - Akanji
    0.11 x 3 = 0.33 pts

  • only just saw this one...been bullied off fi all day by the mrs!

    Are we allowed up to 3 tips per postion? Or shall we say just one name per position and MB?

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