Aaron Wan-Bissaka

  • I've held since he came onto the platform as I saw great potential in him, which is now obviously being seen by many big clubs. Question is do I hold or sell? Looking at young English players in that position he looks topped out to me. If he gets a big move to man u, city or arsenal maybe get a better pb score. Thoughts please?

  • @Tony23 I think the share split will have an impact, people will def invest at £1 a share even though technically he hasn't changed price. Gets rave reviews every time he plays so would think there is bound to be a big money move before his price comes down

  • @Tony23 I sold a few weeks ago and made a healthy profit on him and he reached the ‘get out’ price I set myself for him.

    I’m tempted to invest again to be honest as the only way is up

  • Which big clubs are said to be after him in the summer?
    City want chillwell I think
    Liverpool are sorted

  • Buy the Hype, Sell the News - Warren Buffett. So far he's gained some attention but I don't believe it's the full hype surrounding a definitive transfer yet. I'd say hold on and when a transfer seems most likely on the cards, to sell. It is ur decision at the end of the day though mate :)

  • Thanks for the replyies. I find it difficult on fi sometimes. Wish I was a bit more ruthless. I have a constant battle with myself if I make a decision on something and it starts to go the wrong way. I should have more confidence in my buys, but I hate the whole "should have held him" thing. Need to accept that some you will get wrong. I had Hudson odio at £3 but no movement so sold, pogba at £6.30 no movement so sold, vinicius junior at £2.50 no movement so sold.

  • @Tony23 gawd!! I thought i had it bad selling Gray!

  • @Weedster 🤦‍♂️🤣

  • @Brad said in Aaron Wan-Bissaka:

    Which big clubs are said to be after him in the summer?
    City want chillwell I think
    Liverpool are sorted

    Regular reports/rumours of a bidding war between Arsenal and Utd. Palace rate him at £40million.

    @Tony23 I've had a small holding in Wan-Bissaka since towards the end of January and got on him at £2.98. I think if/when he moves to Arsenal/Utd he could be challenging the sort of price we see for TAA (He's currently at £4.34 but with him only just coming back from injury imho he's more like a £4.50-£5 player. If it wasn't for Van Dijk scoring 2 against Watford, TAA would have won PB on Wednesday)

  • Back from injury & on fire vs Burnley

    🔘 7 Ball Recoveries
    🔘 7/7 Tackles Won
    🏃‍♂️ 2 Take-Ons
    🔑 1 Chance Created
    🅰️ 1 Assist

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