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    There are some dumb things on FI that just don't make sense.

    My computer had a history reset, meaning I lost all my passwords saved. I was sure I was using correct password but it wouldn't log me in.
    Password resets weren't working, nothing was being sent. Setting up new forum account just gave errors.
    Nearly three weeks of being ignored by support on twitter, and finally getting someone for the last week on support who couldn't help and passed to tech, with still no access.
    Now, I just realised I was trying to sign in through the forum direct link I had saved in favourites.
    For some reason, I only just clicked the forum link in FI direct and it has logged me in straight away. Direct link is working again. Very, very frustrating watching all the threads all this time and not being able to reply.

    Rant over!

  • @MrWh1te @DANFI one to flag to central command

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    @Noirx4 @DANFI
    Thank you, last I heard, was 3 days and they said tech are looking at it.

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