Diogo Jota

  • 22 yo, always starts for wolves, scores, assists, will likely be subject to transfer rumours... only 1.79?
    I get it he’s not much of a media fuss but surely he’s undervalued?

  • Buy him if you have reason to believe he is undervalued. You listed your reasons for the purchase so by posting you either have doubts (in which case is he actually good value?) Or you are pumping.

  • I've seen worse players pumped tbf

    He does seem cheap when you compare him some other players triple the price
    He scored and made an assist today and scored a hat trick a few weeks ago, he's obviously going to be attracting the attention of some top profile clubs.

    Long term hold for me

  • @Static general trading discussion is the name of the forum. That’s exactly what my post was opening... a trading discussion of a player.
    I already own him with about 15-20 other players. Many of my others have made movements north or south over the last few weeks. Jota has been rather stable and somewhat... boring.
    It surprises me that a young PL player who starts and scores gets very little attention. I get that ‘what am I missing here’ feeling. Hence the reason for my post

  • @Advinculas-Index its psychologically interesting seeing what players are deemed attractive (Greenwood, felix etc) then someone like Jota (or Brooks) etc who are very young and already key first team players are largely ignored/undervalued when compared to their peers. I guess it’s the media interest that gives them fuel

  • I’m a Wolves fan. Jota hot and cold.

    Very long term investment but worth it.

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