Jonathan Toh

  • Ironically bought 100 shares this morning. Price has rocketed to a level beyond (IMO) his value.

    Shamelessly sold due to lack of understanding. VVD is mid £4s so how he can be going to nearly £3 is a mystery!!

  • Not much of a mystery. A PB score of 233 without a goal or assist is very impressive.

  • This fella in particular underlines just how poor this scoring matrix is.

  • He’s been scoring really well for PB lately, including today and his last few games. Looks capable of getting a monster score any day without needing to score a goal. Looks like a great hold to me.

  • Already I've made about 25% in dividends off him... And 90% value appreciation. I'm holding.

  • Imperious.
    I've seen enough of Tah not to doubt his quality.

    First let me say this, I once said the best defender in the world was a dutch guy playing for Celtic.
    I also said the best free transfer on the market a couple of years ago was Joel Matip.

    Which is exactly why I will not be surprised to see Tah partner VVD at some point.

    Why is Tah good ?
    Real world or FI...
    Because he is "able" to show for the ball.

    Defensively he is magnificent, quick, strong and intelligent.
    He is a real offensive threat from dead ball situations.
    What sets him apart as world class is his composure, there are none as good as VVD is currently. However Tah is the most likely U23 player to exceed that level.

    Tah is in the top 200 to stay.
    As far as defenders go, that's 25 players of which Tah is currently 16th.
    About right I'd say, but 2/3 years from his peak.

  • Tah, Christensen, Sule, Akanji, Upamecano, Rugani, Romagnoli, Skriniar, Stones, Laporte, Lenglet....I think every one of these players has the potential to be better than VVD.....or Ramos.

  • @C-Arroyo behave

  • @C-Arroyo no mention of kimmich? Also a top defender in both real life and fi

  • @C-Arroyo LMAO..

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