How many players in your portfolio?

  • Just curious to know - I have 17 in a 5k portfolio. Seems about right to me, but am I missing something??

  • 22 players 1085 futures, 10k portfolio

  • Good point, i've got 1185 futures, so clearly I have more at the cheaper and of the spectrum.....

  • 4 players in a 2.5k portfolio

  • 29 players
    4147 Futures
    £13,000 Deposited
    £21,823 Value

  • 1295 futures in 80 players.

    Feels a real mess at the moment but I've tried to cover myself for:

    • High average PB players FWd, M, D

    • list itemBest PB gks incase they suddenly get their own PB section and there will be a feeding frenzy!

    • list itemBest PB average players currently not in PB leagues

    • list itemSome hyped youth- i dnt believe in this trend but why miss out!?

    • Players linked with summer moves

    Hindsight, wish id lumped it all on Pogba and Neymar...but diversification boringly more sensible...

  • @NewUser257214 damn, ain’t that a bit risky lol.. all your eggs in one basket kinda thing..?

  • 50 players, 2850 futures, portfolio current value £16,950

  • 120 players.

    Criteria :
    1 - All players are comparatively lower priced here, than their real world values and are valued at over 15m in true market.
    2 - All players are born after 01/01/92.
    3 - All players are currently playing for club sides, with squads valued above £250 million in total.
    4 - All players are currently playing for club sides in qualifying positions for CL/EL qualification from one of the big 5 leagues.
    5 - All players are European internationals and eligible for both nations league and Euro 2020

    Was at 50% profit (2018)
    All current futures purchased in 2019
    Recently dumped at a 10% loss in order to clean house prior to share split.
    Now content to hold all futures for 18 months.

    120 players on FI meet all above criteria.
    Will now trade to capitalize on volatility only.
    I have a price in my head for every player and that is the point at which I now buy/sell.
    So I'm content and rather stagnant.

    FI asked for this with a meaningless short term dividend that will eventually cover commission costs to flip and no more - the mechanic encourages long term stagnation for investors like myself.

    I've come to realize that I can ride the growth of this new product and enjoy the capital gains...regardless of FI's direction.
    I am able myself to decide when I believe the market is saturated, prices have stagnated and the only real profit is in good trading.
    Even if in play dividends are the future model, there's a fair bit more capital appreciation that can be secured whilst the gambling community learns how to play.

    Personally I still support the model suggested by EJ.
    Share split / Dividend rise, Share split / Dividend rise on and on.
    The product has a lot more potential to grow exponentially.
    Particularly if legal is given the resources needed to expand geographically.

  • 75 924F ( about 10 players x1F)..this has been good way to keep eye on players price(works for me)
    Running at 30%...v happy with port at moment

  • 5 players, 340 futures, invested £2813 since my return to the platform and portfolio value is £4,117. ROI 46%

    I'll be re-evaluating after the SS announcement and will look to double my portfolio number and futures.

  • A shade under 2,000 futures, less than 20 players

  • Advice please.

    50 players 85 futures (40 x1)

    Small investor at present - £500

    How should I proceed?

  • @RickYNWA maybe so, considering 2 players account for 2.3k of that. My players are at the top end of the market and I feel the top end will only get stronger. I have quite a conservative outlook on this, I want to return more than what I would get in the top earning isa/savings account and I feel I can achieve this on here with my strategy with limited risk. I know with a bit more risk/more active trading I could potentially earn considerably more but I feel this comes with a higher risk.

  • 182 players, 3100 futures, just under 10k portfolio.

    Well diversified, most is invested in the big guns, but have lots of players (mainly young sub £1) with £25 investments.

  • I have 92 players, invested £4000.

  • @RickYNWA said in How many players in your portfolio?:

    @NewUser257214 damn, ain’t that a bit risky lol.. all your eggs in one basket kinda thing..?

    High risk maybe, but the absolute worst scenario would probably be a career ending injury, which would be 25% loss ... depending on how much on each of those 4 players, not as risky as the bookmakers where you gamble everything most of the time.

    19 players
    4749 futures
    Current value 42 455
    Net deposits 30 700

  • I have between 11-13 players at any one time in a portfolio currently worth £2100 and that's enough for me. Yes I'm in this for money, of course, but I feel like having the likes of 100+ players is a bit like going fishing and just chucking a load of dynamite in the lake.
    With less than 15 players, it's much more risky but the rewards are well worth it (in terms of a sense of pride as well as financially) when it pays off.
    But that's just my own personal feeling 😎

  • @ScouseSte I'm sure we could have just pick 2 players, doubled up and taken the deposits out and play for free, but ofc it's risky, me going more diverse has certainly stopped me from doubling up, if I'd stuck with the 6 players i had at xmas I'd have more than doubled.

  • Presto, blimey, how do you keep tabs on 182 players? I find it difficult enough with <20!

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