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  • Hi all

    I've been playing FI for over a month now and I've noticed that the 'Risers' section is always full of players who aren't exactly household names! What's more, when I type some of their names in on Google they don't appear to be doing anything special, so I'm wondering why their rise is so exponential.

    For example, today I'm looking at Mohammad Reza Khanzadeh and Mikel Agu. Unless I'm mistaken, Khanzadeh doesn't even appear to have a club and Agu remains a mystery. Obviously they look like good investments providing I can find them early enough, so what's the deal with their rise in demand?

    Your wisdom will be greatly appreciated!

  • @Bluestar IPOs, new players which have been added to the index, get introduced at 30p/50p whatever and people clamber all over them and then dump them.

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    Someone buys a load, forcing the price up. Then lots of people see price rises and jump on it, assuming people know something they don't, forcing prices higher.
    Original buyer then sells all to make a profit at the expense of new/crap players.

    It sucks. I see no reason to have that list there at all tbh, it serves no positive purpose.

  • Both of those were probably added as they were in Nigeria and Iran’s World Cup squads, there are lots of players due to that who have never, will never play in PB leagues, therefore have no value and sit at their IPO price.
    If they are 20p one person buys a thousand for next to FA and they shoot up to 30p, this is only a significant rise due to the low value, whoever they show up by 50% and appear in the risers list. The initial buyer hopes a few hundred more are bought by people that see this happening and then they instant sell at a 1p spread and make a few quid, leaving others holding worthless shares at a loss.
    It’s called pumping and dumping!

  • Basically it's a con. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Remember a 30p player only has to get to say 37p and he will be on the risers list as it's based on %. Someone like Neymar or Salah will never appear in that list but may well rise by more than 7p in a day

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    Maybe if they are intent on keeping the list, they should make it top 200 players only.

    I see no reason to keep it but could be a compromise.

  • Thanks everyone. Some very helpful insights here.

  • Just seen a trader called Mr Cards sell off 600 or 700 of one of the front page unknowns in seconds. Hope no one held too many hopes in Moon Seon Min becoming their ticket to riches...
    Noticed he's not listed on the forum, would be good to know if it's the same people pumping and dumping, anyone else noticed the same names popping up as buyers/sellers?

  • @GregF

    I've seen Mr Cards sell off a lot of shares today, I wasn't paying attention so it may have been the same ones.

    He has just sold off a lot of shares in Predrag Rajkovic - currently trading around 48p (42p this morning), applies his trade in the Israeli league.

  • @GregF I saw him buy 100s when Moon rising at about 0.33. Thought about buying as I assumed I knew what he was trying

    I wonder though if its more bots that get caught out by this or actual real people?

    Have FI actually commented on both pumping and dumping and bots as their suspious betting states:

    (b) where there is an inordinate frequency and/or highly unusual pattern of Bets placed on the same selection and where the theoretical probability of said selection winning at the time of the Bet placement, based on the odds offered on the selection at the time of Bet placement, is largely inconsistent with the theoretical probability of the same selection winning calculated using their starting prices;

    (c) where we have reasonable grounds to suspect that a Bet or a string of connected Bets were placed robotically, by automated means, or otherwise than through the Account holder placing each Bet manually via their Account;

  • Just seen him buy Carillo, along with some user call Gruppe. Can't see it being a coincidence...

  • @LukeC Predrag Rajkovic is understandable as he's heavily linked to AS Monaco in a £4M transfer.

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