The Miranchuk Twins (Anton)

  • The Miranchuk twins rose to prominence during the world cup for Russia and Anton Miranchuk is having a really good season for Lokomotiv Moscow. 10 goals this season playing RW with 2 in his last game. Previously been linked to AC Milan and ridiculously priced at £0.45. Anybody know how good he is/can become?

  • Heard decent things but my apprehension around Russian players is that they rarely move overseas. Maybe because income tax is low there, maybe because of language barriers, who knows the reason. But players such as Kokorin, Denisov, Akinfeev and Dzagoev were all really highly rated and never left Russia.

    Thing with the Russian league is they can pay big wages and offer Champions League football. Look at the current Russian national team, only 1 or 2 of them plays outside Russia.

    Golovin and Cheryshev are the only 2 Russian internationals I can think of currently in a PB league.

    I strongly considered buying Chalov because he is so highly rated and only 20 but the fact he is Russian put me off cause they just always seem reluctant to leave!

  • Probably all on roids or summat. Can't risk moving out the country.

  • I used to have shares in the Andy Goram twins never came to much iirc

  • I looked at these in the WC and although both had good seasons last too they didn't get the game time that i thought they would in the summer...

    tbf it's a low priced gamble but one of the reasons for the low price is simply down to lack of Russians in the top PB leagues.... They just don't seem to travel for whatever reason???

    'IF' either moves it would be great for Russian football and great for other players in the country but until someone makes that step then I'm not sure if investing in any Russian League player is worthy just yet?

    Really is a red or black gamble.. IF one ever moves they could double in price overnight.. if they don't you could be sitting on a non moving 45p player for three years!!!

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