Monday Tips - 04/03/19

  • Top Tipsters :

    Pierre_FI.2129 - 0.51 pts
    C Arroyo - 0.33 pts
    Westy - 0.33 pts

  • I have a tip for you stop giving out shite tips

  • @C-Arroyo surely this needs to be an average not a cumulative score otherwise you will look amazing just for constantly doing a prediction every day.

    For example you make 9 predictions a day its not suprising you've picked up a few winners.

  • @Cameron-Duffy

    If you can do better - prove it.
    If not, shut up and go find something productive to do.

  • @Noirx4

    I haven't said it's either cumulative or an average.

    Makes no difference if someone posts 9 tips a day or 1 tip a day, as the scores are based on percentages of winning tips.

    Pay attention and you'll see that my looking amazing is certainly not a personal priority.
    If that were so, I would be posting tips on a match day where only one game is being played.

    There's not a question in there, so I'll assume it's a statement, one based on an incorrect assumption.

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