O Dembele hold or sell

  • As a relative newbie to FI (2months oh and the bookies are dead not placed a bet in 2months) can someone part with advice to hold or sell Dembele (Barca). I can get out of my 40 futures at break even (Inc comm) as I just do not see him performing or people interested in to increase is value. Am i better reinvesting in Pogba or Kane for instance who add dividends to their returns?

  • @Stewart-C I suppose you have to ask yourself why did you choose dembele in the first place. Was it because his price was soaring for a little period or it's a player you thought had potentional. He has been starting alot more games then he was 3 months ago and yet now everyone's selling him. His price could increase again but everyone's panicked on Dembele and just instant sold

  • @Stewart-C have you actually seen him playing recently??? He's probably been the most outstanding player in several games, apart from the Messi show against Sevilla, it's a similar situation to Vinicius Junior, the PB scores haven't been amazing, but the chances have been there, once he bangs in a goal or 2 his price will rise again, I'd keep.

  • Personally I would keep. I held a while ago and I just bought back in a couple days ago because his price is now pretty attractive to a buyer.

    Remember this is a world cup winner who is only 18 months older than Mbappe. Long term is he a good hold.

    Short term, what do you think would happen to his price if Barcelona got to the Champions League final and he was to score the winning goal or be the outstanding performer?

  • Thanks for the responses guys. I see Dembele as a long term hold as he is still relatively young but think he would get better dividend returns and a larger share price if he was in the English Premier Leauge. Hopeful of a transfer to England in the summer or 2020.

  • @Stewart-C I really don't want to sound like I'm having a dig, I get it because weve all started on here at some point but people really need to relax a bit and have some patience.

    Dembele is one of the outstanding young players in the world. His price was higher a few weeks ago so there's no reason it cant rise back to that and much higher with one major incident.

    Stick by your own judgement. You clearly bought hom cos you thought he was worth the price. Hes not got a career threatening injury, hes nowhere near retirement age so what's the panic?

    People need to realise this isn't the same as the bookies, you aren't going to make a fortune overnight but you also have to remember that you aren't going to lose your money either barring some disastrous decision making.

    Everyone can buy pogba, but for me you're smarter keeping dembele and if anything buying more with his price falling. After the split he'll be a great hold.

    Good luck anyway!

  • Dembouz is class, he'll prove it in the long term. Patience is key if you have a young player you really believe in!

  • @Stevo point taken and it is good to get honest responses. I am looking at the long game but the problem is as you stated impatience and investors ISing after one bad game or one bad result driving the price down. I have watched him recently and looked at advice above and topped up whilst his price is low. Thanks all.

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