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  • Hi - after selling Lukaku at the weekend, i've got £170 to invest in 1 more player before the SS. Looking at the £2-5 range, I have my eye on a few who have slowly declined over the last month, but where do you see the mid-range value at present? Any responses will be much appreciated!

  • Carrasco transfer
    Isco transfer

  • Ive held Isco for a while but reluctant to buy any more as im fairly sure Solari will be off at the end of the season and a new manager will likely want to keep him, putting paid to transfer spec

  • @NewUser184847 said in £2-5 value:

    Ive held Isco for a while but reluctant to buy any more as im fairly sure Solari will be off at the end of the season and a new manager will likely want to keep him, putting paid to transfer spec

    He hasn’t had a proper run in a team for about 4 years, he must have had enough by now, Madrid need a rebuild anyway, he would fetch a tidy sum for new players.

  • Grimaldo
    Hazard (T)

    All on my shortlist to buy (I have about £1000 worth of shares in the queue)

    Just bought some Marquinhos, Sandro, Tonali, Badiashile & Tagliafico

    Trying to diversify big time pre split so where I held 75 or 100 shares in mid range players (havertz, pepe...) i'm selling some and buying 25 shares each of a long shortlist.

  • I agree there's a good chance he will move and generate a lot of transfer spec. I just think that there's a chance he will stay under a new manager and get more game time, but not enough to justify a £5+ player. Looking Jovic (although £6+), Lo Celso and Leao as possibilities too

  • @NewUser184847 I bought Leao when I thought he'd plateaud but he has dropped a further 88p to £3.92, he had reached £5.20.
    Paqueta at Milan hasn't ignited yet £3.44
    Suso £3.35
    Ziyech £3.50
    Akanji £2.85
    Brewster £3.77 getting expensive but should fly pre season.
    Chilwell £2.90 city interest
    Dalot £2.42
    Haidara £1.97
    Zagadou £2.35
    Bobby Duncan £2.64 one for the future, had a massive price surge, hopefully will drop back down before buying.

  • I have the same issue...£100 to spend on a new low-mid range prior to SS, I've got x9 players & I need another to round up to an even 10 player portfolio (I know its small compared to most to you have got to start somewhere)

  • @NewUser184847 find it incredible pjanic is only £2.30. He's not playing well currently so probably best time to buy in my opinion. Finally scored a great free kick yesterday, then got bloody sent off but he's had some great PB scores over the last 2 year's and been whispers of possible move in the summer. Alternatively he stays at juve who dominate most games in serie A and guaranteed champions league football every season.

    Split that by 4 and you're talking pennies for a player of his class.

  • @NewUser184847 also think andre silva is a bargain. Also playing rubbish for Seville currently but was class when be first went there scoring 7 in 10.

    Only on loan so likely to go back to Milan as Seville say they don't want to pay the price for him. However Milan probably don't want him either as they now have piatek, so rumours of a possible swap with juve for Douglas costa on Twitter.

    Plus till the end of the season sevilla have a good draw in the Europa league which they always do well in and some good fixtures coming up for him to get back some decent form.

  • @Stevo I actually hold Pjanic (albeit only 26) what a frustrating hold, £1 per share down and no sniff of a dividend! Looked on the way to PB win yday until the sending off (which rules him out of a single PB day this week!) He's got 1 more champs league game for me or im cutting my loss and ISing

  • Thorgan hazard,sarabia,Isco,under,Bruno Fernandes all excellent players within your price range and all also strongly linked with transfers. Benzema and dzeko a little cheaper but both look excellent value for money ( I hold both).

  • @NewUser184847 fair enough mate. It can be frustrating holding these players. There's so many eligible for PB now that the market is quite diluted. I don't think it's done juve players any favours Ronaldo going there because he demand to take all the pens and free kicks etc which ruins these other players scores.

    I reckon he could get a move in the summer so I've bought more 😁

  • @Stevo As daft as it sounds, if i didnt already hold i'd say he looks a great price at 2.30 and would probably look to buy. You're spot on with the Ronaldo assessment, I also hold 50 Dybala and Ronaldo has scuppered him a lot this year too!

  • @gball1975 I have a similar sized portfolio and a very new trader. Would you mind sharing your portfolio, out of interest?

  • @NewUser285451 … I'll show you mine if you show me yours, no bother to me!

    J Sancho x5
    V Junior x5
    C Hudson-Odoi x10
    J Felix x10
    R Brewster x10
    A Morelas x10
    S Gnabry x5
    C Adams x15
    R Gravenberch x5

  • @gball1975 Cheers, just interesting to see someone who started up at a similar time to myself.
    My opening portfolio is:

    A.Martial x 10
    M.Gibbs-White x 10
    H.Mkhitaryan x 10
    J.Vardy x 10
    M.Arnautovic x 10
    P.Pogba x 5

  • Claudio Gomes and Kennedy are very good long term holds IMO, Im holding these myself.

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