• Well today was mmmmmmm interesting!

  • @Tom77 seen a couple of negative comments on twitter, what was said?

  • Whats the gist physasist? I'm on a client site, can't listen to it. Panic job - IS all shares?

  • @Vespasian32

    Sounds like they think its all a load of tosh and dont understand it ha - Mike Bohan wasnt there to discuss.

  • No Mike.

    Jim White did an OK job of talking about FI with Danny Murphy helping ever so slightly.

    Bob Mills didn't get it and made the short segment a waste of time. Although by the sounds of Bob Mills, I'm not sure he understands what day of the week it is either.

  • They've probably paid a fair wack to have a regular slot on a show that airs to millions and today and also last week they have had no one representing them in the studio to sell the product.
    So its been left to Jim White and the bunch of clowns who co - present to try and do it on FI's behalf.

    One of the comments being something like "I dont really understand how it all works"

    Its fair to say there wont be many sign ups on the back of todays slot, advertising money down the drain me thinks

  • Yep Jim said no mike on Monday, meaning everyweek, who’s stupid descision is that....

  • Let's not forget how bad Mike Bohan was on his debut, either they improve or we pray they stop trying.

  • Wow that was awful, Danny made a couple of decent points but Jim kept getting the percentage and prices mixed up and Bob just said he didn’t have a clue how any of it worked.

    There has to be someone from FI on otherwise it’s pointless and they may as well cancel the slot as it must be costing a fair bit

  • Not ideal, but any press can be good press.
    I still think it would be useful to get a trader on there, would have stopped any talk of Lukaku kicking a dog.
    I wonder what the show will say after the share split?

  • If Mason Greenwood killed a dog, let alone kicked it his price would still keep going up. At least he would actually have done something for a change i suppose

  • Listened live and was uncomfortable to say the least

  • Just listened and that was bobbins. Jim White kept getting figures wrong, Danny Murphy sounds intelligent enough to get it but not that into it and Bob Mills is a disaster. By the sound of him I don't think he knows how scissors work yet alone anything as nuanced as FI.

    There has to be representation from the platform or else it won't work.

  • FI would be better off ditching the Jim White Show and trying to get some time on Hawksby and Jacobs, its far better show and the presenters would give any FI representative time to talk without interrupting with daft questions.

  • @LukeC

    They will probably argue to the slot they have is cheaper due to it not being a prime time slot , i suspect to costs would correlate with the listening numbers

  • I listen from 6am - 8pm, so I'm familiar with hosts on talksport, as well as with guests.

    It's pointless getting frustrated with Bob Mills - he's there to antagonize. I had my initial concerns, but Jim White has talked about FI with an eagerness and an open mind. Good.

    However....I don't care if it costs double, triple, or ten fold.
    Getting Alan Brazil to show an interest is going to be far more productive. Brazil is financially astute and maintains an enthusiasm towards trading and investments.
    Henk Potts of Barclays contributes to his show, with "market updates".

    Bob Mills or Henk Potts ?

    Do we want to be taken seriously ?

    How much extra cost is that worth ?

    Also....this needs to be approached with care...We need to get Simon Jordan on side. He is an intelligent, outspoken and influential speaker on is Brazil.

    Whilst we're on this, could someone please ask Mike, to put some effort into speaking without constant use of the words um, umm and ummm prior to every sentence.
    Regardless of the presentation, there's a more serious issue with that. It casts doubt as opposed to fostering trust.
    Every one of us can learn and improve, perhaps I could learn to be more subtle. Not today.

  • Cool, I haven't had a chance to watch that yet - but is that a new regular Tuesday slot for him then, instead of Monday?

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