Declan rice

  • Do you think this bubble will burst with a couple if bad results for west ham or will an England call up keep him rising ?

  • Me personally I don’t see nothing special in the lad.. I have a feeling he will get an England call up and then from that point on all the hype will die down and he’s price will start to decline.. I could be wrong though

  • Hope not as I hold a 'good few'.
    England call up should boost the price up, then the potential call up for 'nations cup' in Summer and inevitable transfer speculation should keep pushing his value up.

  • @RickYNWA

    His price will start to Decline Rice

  • He’s massively overpriced. Nobody knows when but that bubble will burst at some point. I’ve never had futures in him and I’ve been shocked in how much he’s risen over the months for a defensive midfielder. Once he gets a call up it will all die down and people will put there money in to the next young talent

  • Can't help but remember Eric Dier being lauded as Englands saviour defensive midfielder few years ago - would he be £5 now emerging this year at that age?

    ....hes like 73p now.

  • I can’t believe rice price is still going up, I know times have changed a bit but he is a defensive midfielder, what are people expecting him to do?

  • @Rufio90210 said in Declan rice:

    Eric Dier being lauded as Englands saviour defensive midfielder few years ago - would he be £5 now emerging this year at that age? ....hes like 73p now.

    That's an excellent comparison; also Kante who is currently 144 & is widely regarded as the best in that position, albeit not young & English - but as long as holders realise they are in a bubble supported by nothing but hype (no significant chance of dividends beyond an England call up) then let them ride on.

    Unfortunately I believe lots will be carried along & over the cliff edge & plunge towards a loss without even knowing the risks they are taking.

  • He's better than Henderson and dier put together. Composed. I don't hold btw

  • @RickYNWA As a Hammer I watch this kid most weeks. He's very grounded, has all the attributes to go a long way. And at just 20 he is very consistent. Last season under Bilic he was making mistakes, and got caught out for a couple of goals. He's come on massively this season. IMO an England call-up is coming this month. But as a holding midfielder he isnt going to be a big dividend earner. Matic is 78p, Jorgino 2.71.
    Overpriced due to being an England prospect and the hype this week. Cant see that price lasting

  • Unless I’m missing something I can’t see that he’s going to win much PB? It doesn’t matter how good you think he is in real life if he doesn’t score well on the scoring matrix. Why are people buying him out of interest ?

  • He's possibly going to win some media with England but that's already factored in to his massive price, I think the drop after all that dies down could be big but who knows anymore.

  • I'd add this in too...

    I'm certain he will get his first call-up for the 2 England games this month...the squads announced on Weds I think ??
    But we have Spurs v Dortmund on Tues night, and PSG v Utd on Weds so a big game from Kane, or yet more hype around the Utd train could still overshadow Rice getting a call-up in MB.
    we could also see Wan- Bissaka and Maddison getting a call, and that will affect it to.

    I do hold Rice but not for much longer the way his price is flying

  • @Munchie63 very true

  • his price may be about to top out but the lad is a tremendous talent. how many 20 year olds have ever had as much experience as him in the premier league at this age. hit his 50th apperance while still in his teens. he's still learning his trade but give it 2 to 3 years and he'll be the first name down on the team sheet in defence for england.

  • Whilst I agree Rice seems like a fantastic prospect, surely his price is now out of hand when you consider he is more exepensice than these...
    James Rodriguez - 5.22
    Sadio Mane - 5.22
    Isco - 5.18
    Nicolo Zaniolo - 5.08
    Dele Alli - 4.99
    Thorgan Hazard - 4.97

  • and thats why i have him on sell now. hes at 30th place in the top 200. overpriced for now so could start to drop.

  • Sold mine to market late yesterday evening. There’s either a lot of people still buying or not many selling as they went in about 15 minutes

  • @Chris.RFC same! Sold at £5.52 which I’m hoping might just about be his peak (down to £5.43 as I type).

    Will jump back on at some point no doubt, probably post international break.

  • @Chris.RFC
    I'm a Hammer, and the lads a real talent.

    Still sold mine last night when they hit 5.52
    nice profit on those, and as you've said, compare a CDM, however talented, to an experienced winger, Cam etc and the price is way too inflated.

  • sold all mine at healthy profit but he continues to soar... now hes mixing it with the big boys for MB on a champs league day?! wtf is going on... he's so bland.

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