Declan rice

  • sold all mine at healthy profit but he continues to soar... now hes mixing it with the big boys for MB on a champs league day?! wtf is going on... he's so bland.

  • Anyone else think he should be dropped from the england squad for his past support of the IRA. I dont care if it was when he was 15 or not if he was happy to openly say shit like that then he will never have the right passion or commitment playing for england. GTF

  • Dropped? Hang him.

  • @Black-wolf I think he was stupid and trying to text stuff to fit in with the crowd. But it was stupid and the repercussions could be big.
    IMO Southgate has to either start him and see if he gets through the media storm with his team mates support (and hope it dies down) Or pull him out of the limelight.
    One things for sure is he's going to be a target at games because of this.

    Tough one as I like the lad, but he made those comments and they arent going to vanish. I wouldn't jeer him, but its tarnished the love-in. Going to take more than a couple of good games to blow this over

  • @Vespasian32 if he steps foot on the pitch i really hope he gets boo’d off it and never returns. Call Foden up to replace him

  • Am I missing something? I have read the news and was a comment that barely registers.

    He was 15 right?
    Not old enough to make a decision on voting.
    Not old enough to decide if he can have sex.
    Not old enough to marry.
    Because he is a kid.

    Old enough to end his career (or be hung?)

    Seriously, get a fking grip.

  • @MrWh1te but old enough to post his political beliefs and support for terror organisations on social media for the world to see

    Just because someone is under 16 doesnt mean they should get a free pass to do what they want and have the slate wiped at 16. We see a lot of this crap in glasgow due to the celtic/rangers rivalry and its disgusting and kids that say this kind of stuff know fine well what they are doing and at 15 he knew what he was showing support for

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Black-wolf

    Totally disagree

    Kids make mistakes all the time.

  • @MrWh1te fair enough. Most kids dont support terror though and then choose to play for a country they clearly hated. But hey ho hes past 16 now so he must of morphed into a completely different person now

  • @MrWh1te anyway sorry im getting wound up by it all. I dont think he should be prosecuted or hung or any of that. But i really dont think he should be allowed to wear an england shirt or represent the country.

  • @Black-wolf
    He didn't support terrorism.
    He made a stupid comment akin to the kind of comments people make every day.

    From what I gather, all he said was #upthera, he did nothing else. A stupid comment but nothing more.
    In contrast, someone on this thread posted that a kid should be hanged because of a comment, yet you said nothing and I would argue that is worse.

  • @MrWh1te but yet if he said up the IS you would also say thats fine? Supporting the IRA should not be ok!

  • @Black-wolf hang him twice in case he meant up the instant sell or up the Islamic state

  • As an Irish man I find this hilarious, can we have him back 🤞🏻

  • @Gregolocky2018 take him quick

  • @Black-wolf cheers, I’ll start the car

  • @Gregolocky2018 mind you the Ireland team might have reservations about playing him based on his social media history

  • It would be funny if Southgate plays Rice in one competitive fixture, then never picks him again.

    England have been doing well recently. Do we really need to pick a plastic paddy?

    Let Scotland have him (surely he has a Scottish Uncle or Cousin that would make him eligible), lord knows they need some players after today’s embarrassment.

  • @Black-wolf ya shur he’s “bursting with pride “to make his England debut. We’ve a bad history of using the granny rule so we can’t complain anyway. I remember Andy Townsend saying he was at Euro ‘88 supporting England then two years later was playing for Ireland v England at Italia ‘90 🙈

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