Pre Split Port

  • Took a lot of work - have i made a big mistake or do you think i've made an ok job of it?

    Gone from 20 players with 50+ shares to 47 (tho as i write this my Rice shares just flew off the shelf for a healthy profit) so 46 players and as you can see 25 shares in lots of them are my recent activity. (Sold 50 Mbappe, 50 Brooks, 50 Rice and some others to pay for it).

    Still a few hundred £ to come in from sales - would you top up any of these (Messi and Paqueta to 25 firstly) or anyone substantial missing? Recently sold Salah despite really seeing value later down the line... possibly get back on him now he's actually lower than I IS for!!


  • T Hazard, C Wilson, A Sandro in case of doubt
    Also the shares for sale are not included in my portfolio totals i.e. I own 75 VJ... 50 in port and 25 for sale.

  • Looks excellent to me 😀

  • Hi, how do you know if a player is top of the sale queue?


  • @Vespasian32 looks good youve got me wondering if i should maybe sell off some futures to increase my number of players held

  • @NewUser277283 they start selling :)

  • new here so whats the thinking behind increasing the no. of player holds before the share split

    More chance of dividends?

  • @NewUser274226 I believe in the platform and that the split will see increased growth, and a follow up dividend increase will see even more growth...
    However, I had held 100 shares in a number of players and didn't particularly want to get lumbered with 400 of too many post split... So rather than withdraw cash... I diversified. I've tried to cover PB, MB and players I think will be in positive transfer moves.

    Its going to be a boring port for a few weeks but its built very much for how it will look come mid August... With two assumptions; 4 way split & div increase by August.

  • @Vespasian32 ive decided to go down a similar route to you after you posted this ive changed my port from 9 players to 21 with futures ranging from 100 to 10 prevously i had 200 to 50. I kept Sancho and Brewster and Goretzka at 100 though and halfed all my shares at 50 to 25 and brought in a lot more players. Mainly pb and youngsters though im maybe lacking a little on the big players for now

  • @Black-wolf good job keeping Sancho... also kept my 100 and today he's up 14pps (of course by tomo he will probably be back to 15.00-15.10

  • @Vespasian32 sancho was the reason i joined this hes my primary hold and up over 200% with no intention of selling unless i leave the platform

  • Am i right in thinking that when the SS happens, all players are effected or is it a pre selected group, ie everyone over the price of £5- £7 ect?

  • @Harold007 every players price on the the index will be divivided by the decided amount and all futures you have will be multiplied by the same factor. So one £10 player in your portfolio will become 4 at £2.50 if split is by 4

  • @Black-wolf thanks, that's what i thought but i did read on here somewhere that it might only be the high priced players. thanks for clearing that up.

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