First deposit

  • Right now, I’ve not got too much in my bank account but I really wanna get started on this app. I would be able to deposit £50 maybe £80 at a very maximum. I understand this is not a lot of money but I was wondering if I can actually do something with this amount and profit off it without too much of a struggle or if it’s better to wait until I get paid?

  • @NewUser265486 firstly, welcome to FI!
    Secondly, only put in what you can comfortably afford - it's highly likely you'll make a few mistakes when you start out, and you can make a fair few with £50. It's better to make them with a smaller amount, and then when you figure out a strategy then you can increase from there.
    Either way, you won't be retiring early with £50 or £80, but there are a good few threads on here which will give tips on who to put your money on to make some profit, you just need to have a scroll through.
    Good luck!

  • @NewUser265486

    Best to use it as a learning experience & make as many mistakes as you need to learn the ropes without damaging your financial health too much.

    Bear in mind after I think it's a week if you find yourself loss making you can claim a refund from FI "try £500 promo" but check the qualification rules first.

  • @NewUser159387
    I am past the point where I can claim back £500 but thanks for the rest of the advice nonetheless.

  • @GregF
    Thank you! It won’t hurt me financially really with this amount and I agree that making mistakes is a great learning curve. I’ll look for the tips and enjoy using the app.

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