When you sell on open market

  • Can someone explain to me what the process is of selling on the open market.
    How long are they for sale on there for?
    Can you change the minimum price once set?
    Can you change your mind?

    Thanks, still getting to grips with all of this

  • In answer to your questions:
    • Your player will stay on the market (in a queue) until bought by another trader.
    • You can’t change the amount you have put the player on the market for. However, it is worth me pointing out at this point that the setting of a price infamously doesn’t work. Your player will go into the queue and sell at whatever price the player is worth when you hit the front of the queue. This is something FI have acknowledged doesn’t work correctly but for some reason have never removed.
    • You can take your player out of the queue if you change your mind by swiping on the player and then clicking ‘cancel’.

    Hope this helps! 👍🏼

  • @HLD178 thank you for this information

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