Very interesting new football laws from 1st June


    I'm sure this will change some of the scoring on FI, especially the free kick situations, personally I like all 5 changes.

  • interesting read, I really wish that when physio's come onto the pitch to treat a player then play should continue around them. Just like in rugby, this would stop all the stupid rolling around and time wasting that the modern game has. If play continues then players will soon be quick to get to their feet and get on with it.

  • @Harmonica Would never happen. Football is much quicker than rugby and the game and possession changes over much more often. Imagine a defender going down and physio coming on, playing everyone onside? and right in goal mouth. Just isn't possible.

  • I agree with @JH.

    The idea of it is great, the reality is unfortunately not.

  • They should ban substitutions in injury time. The time never gets added on!

    Should be no ambiguity regarding handball. If it hits you arm whether 2 foot away deliberate or not, it should be handball! That would simplify it and cut out the confusion, same with offside. Players that stand in an offside position in free kicks get on my tits! Also they need to cut out all the holding in the penalty area, bring in sin bins, would make it more entertaining.

  • It's only showing 4 rule changes on the website but does say this article is a correction fro an earlier one. Is there a fifth rule they they've missed off?

  • @John-D handball would be massively open to abuse.. instead of trying to shoot or cross in the box players would get close to a defender and try scoop the ball up their arm lol.

  • @Vespasian32 Me and my mate were talking about exactly this a few days ago and can both name examples of this happening and it being given. If I still remember it 15 years on then there's a problem with that becoming a rule if it were to happen!

  • must admit i'm all for 'handball' being penalised in every sense.. so if it hits under the shoulder it should be an infringement? This would clear things up 100%.. Perhaps the only question would be to punish 'deliberate' more than unintentional.. so if it's difinitive deliberate (ie knee jerk reaction to stop a goal going in) then the harshest of punishment.. if not then maybe an indirect free kick in or outside the box?

    The sub rule i don't get. Just stop the pissing clock. This would be much more sensible.. the no attacking players in a free kick wall is ridiculous.. players should be able to stand where they want.. whats next... no dummies? no one standing over the ball... can only kick it forwards? this is ludicrous!!!

    Coaches having cards is also the most stupid thing i've ever heard. If they are out of line, send them to the stand and let the FA deal with it... if not then just get bloody on with it!!

    Sometimes i feel those at IFAB if they don't tweak anything for a year or two just make rules up for the sake of making rules up!!!!

  • @LarryDuffman said in Very interesting new football laws from 1st June:

    It's only showing 4 rule changes on the website but does say this article is a correction fro an earlier one. Is there a fifth rule they they've missed off?

    Larry they have obviously edited the original and taken away the 5th change.. think it was Pogba has to stop taking that ridiculous run up for penalties 🤣

  • Loads of sources reported that rebounds from penalties would be stopped, and that if a keeper saved a pen the match would restart with a goal kick.

    This is apparently not true... see Twitter thread here:

  • @Coleyscrooge aha didn't realise they'd taken that from the article, yes that was part of the article that i read b4 I copied and pasted the link, hmmm so that was untrue, thought it was a bit strange, if the penalty hadn't been awarded in the first place then there would be a possibility of the goalkeeper parading the ball and someone putting it in from the rebound, so why should they take rebounds away from the penalty... happy that was wrong.

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