Goal bonus.

  • How does the goal bonus work? is it for all players in all matches in the first 30 days since your purchase?

  • @NewUser275521
    G&A bonus are for all futures within the first 30days of purchase, but only in qualifying games.

    Currently domestic league games (in the 5 PB leagues) and Champions League / Europa League games. I believe some internationals count also but not 100% which

  • so the that would be league games in the top division in england spain italy germany france then? along with champions league / europa league games? plus if you sell the futures and buy more at a later date do you get the 30 days again or is that just a one off thing per player. thanks for the reply also mate.

  • @Pimpmaster
    Yeah you got the qualifying games 👍

    The shares qualify for the 30 day G&A each time they are purchased ..
    for example I and I assume others have done some 30 day flipping on Volland.
    Buy the shares hold for 30 days to get what ever IPD, then I hold until the next game I don’t qualify for IPD as his price should rise before kickoff, sell before kick off then buy after the game. So you usually sell at highest price and buy at a lower price

  • cheers mate. and thanks for the tip haha.

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