Missing in play divs??

  • Are in play dividends given for all the games In EL CL and the 5 leagues or is it just specific days? because if so I’m missing A fair few

    A number of players who have scored and assisted ive not receive any dividends under there names and I’m not conivinced on the maths on some of the others - am I missing something - where can I see a breakdown of who received what for in play?

    For example Agüero who I bought 6 shares on 20/2/19 at 10am

    From my calculations he scored vs
    1 goal vs West Ham 2p x 6 = 12p
    1 goal vs shalke = 12p

    He’s showing dividends of 0.05p - how is that number possible when I bought 6 shares ?



  • They get paid as cash and won't appear as dividends.

    Check your transaction history for "in-play credit".

    Gets paid every wednesday night.

  • @NewUser87483

    Cheers mate

    Yeah I’ve added the numbers up for total received in play and it doesn’t match what it should be.
    I’ll contact them

    Any idea what the 0.05 under Agüero is ?

  • I'm guessing it was a 5p media dividend? Did you own 1 Aguero at some point before you had 6?

  • @NewUser274226 I was gonna say same as the other member.

    IndexGain data shows he won media on 10/2/2019, you may have won 5p for that media win and then purchased 5 more shares after?

  • @NewUser87483

    Nah I bought 6 Agüero on 20/2/19

  • @NewUser274226 was 1 before 2pm and the rest after 2pm?

  • @Westy

    Nah all 6 at the same time.
    He’s not even won media since I’ve had him

    How do people check the in play divs breakdown - or have to do it manually ?

  • You should receive an email every Wednesday if you have in-play dividends that breaks down who paid what value for that week.

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