Managers on FI

  • Could it work? Would it work?

    Media buzz, dividends for matches won,m?

    Who would you buy?

  • never gonna work. they get sacked too often. then what happens when they are sacked and not in the game? more than likely you would lose that future.

  • @Pimpmaster said in Managers on FI:

    never gonna work. they get sacked too often. then what happens when they are sacked and not in the game? more than likely you would lose that future.

    Same as a player with no club - you can hold or sell, but the future will be there, albeit low value.

    Mourinho is out of a job now but always popping up in the news, so people would hold him.

    I'd personally love to see managers included in some way; it would mean players still retaining a bit of value when they retire from playing, and these days so much media is about the managers as well as the players. But it would need lower dividends than players, otherwise the likes of Mourinho will be twice the price of Neymar.

  • i think it needs a new section completely (possibly even a competitor to FI) but I would love to see it.. although high risk should equal high reward... I think the market would be terribly volatile.

    Mourinho would definately be the Pogba of the Market 'BUT' with the sackings he's had he could lose you an awful lot of money if you don't stay diligent!! I reckon it would be great but I wouldn't like to think i would 'invest' a lot into the platform... rather 'gamble' a bit.. for some fun!!!

  • Apparently, it was trialed a long time ago & failed.

    As the same manager virtually kept winning it on repeat.

  • @Ericali I think that only failed because Mourinho won MB 99% of the time... if he's not involved then the game suddenly becomes more open to others? Perhaps if the media was sourced more evenly across say Europe's top leagues this would even out???

  • @dannypea but still we'd be left with a dozen or so managers worth anything then the rest rendered completely worthless.

    Even if sourced from around Europe they generally still only talk about their big clubs. Juventus, Milan, Inter, Bayern, Dortmund, Real, Barca, Utd, Liverpool, City, Chelsea, Spurs.

    You could put the rest in the bin.

  • @Ericali you could argue that about the current index????

    Obviously you would need to offer completely different rewards re dividends (maybe higher incentive for lower ranked managers beating the hierarchy perhaps) but with a little tweaking those 'worthless ' people outside your top superpowers then become more worthy due to the resources they have and the results they get.. rewarding the Eddie Howe's & Sean Dyche's for more points when they beat clubs above them would perhaps make them more appealing.. the manager rumours and movers never stop... Poch to Man Utd would keep his price high... Solskjaers sudden rise from nowhere... Pep would be the KDB of the index a pretty boring hold for many... People holding ZZ in the hope that he gets a job... People clinging on to Sarri or thinking do or bust??? Outside the big boys you can see attractive coaches with potential for bigger jobs like Marcelo Bielsa and Daniel Farke... Gattuso the next best thing? What about Montpellier's manager or Dieter Hecking of Monchengladbach? Lots of reasons to invest in those outside the big boys.. especially as the 12 you named at least half of them have changed bosses over the last year or so!!!

    I wouldn't poo poo it so bad... if its not for you fair enough, but I for one would certainly enjoy it!!!

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