• Well I was not expecting that!!!
    Yesterday @ 17:00 he was at £3.21, sitting on a nice little profit but I had no intention of selling, now out of no where he is @ £2.69.
    Still in the news about potential moves / transfer value talk even up until 2 hours ago...can't get my head around this one!???

  • I feel like a broken record saying this but clearly it needs to be said again.

    Morelos is literally, and I mean literally, worthless as an asset until at least mid-August, and that's only if he moves to the Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A, or the Bundesliga.

    Without dividends, or the potential to return dividends, a future in a player is worth £0.

    I'm amazed he's still as expensive as he is.

  • @gloryhornet88 Oh my.. sorry for making you repeat yourself.
    I understand your point, but a lot of people out there jump on hot talent based on performance / gossip / speculation who are not in the "top leagues" as this makes a players value rise. ( I can think of a few but I don't want to be accused of promoting them).

  • @gloryhornet88 spot on.... 👌

  • @gloryhornet88 said in Morelos:

    Morelos is literally, and I mean literally, worthless as an asset until at least mid-August

    Not exactly true, it's like saying gold ore that's still in the ground is worthless, obviously it needs finding, mining, refining, smelting & finishing but as the major part of a gold bar it simply isn't worthless & neither is Morelos. He's likely to get a move to a PB team over the next couple of windows & become Columbia's main striker when Falcao retires. Yes it will take time & might not happen but he's already a proven goalscoring asset 26/36 so buying early looks a good shout (I hold at 133).

    I see far more value in him than a youngster in Chelsea/Arsenal/Man City academy who has never started a 1st team game but is often touted as the "next Jadon Sancho" but each to their own. But to say he's worthless with no chance of dividends simply isn't true, in fact I think he's in the top 200 so eligible for MB already.

  • @NewUser159387 That is my thinking as well for a few players that I hold.

  • Players RISE and FALL.. this is the nature of the beast and whilst you might see a rise after a striker scores 4 goals in a game you might equally see a drop after a game in which they haven't bagged especially if they expected to...

    Also take into account Scotland is not a PB league.. whats to say someone hasn't bought Morelos at a quid fifty or so and made a tidy profit thinking... Champions League PB opps this week maybe now is a good time to sell up and switch for something else?

    I'm sure overall Morelos will keep rising until he gets his move as no doubt he's too good for the SPL but when West Ham come knocking and he flops in England it would probably be seen in hindsight that long before then was the time to get out!!!

  • Also the last time there was a load of transfer speculation on him, it was about China. That's a big risk there.

    However, he is clearly good enough for a PB league, and he wants to play for Colombia, so I think he'll stay in Europe. But I feel for those who bought him for £3+ as that was clearly too high a value. £2 is where he should naturally be right now, in my humble opinion (I mean, Muriel is scoring for fun in a PB league and he's only £1.10).

  • @kristiang85 Thankfully I got him just above @£2.60. I only mentioned it as he fell so quickly out of the blue within a few hours.

  • @NewUser159387 you make some fair points, and my reply to the original post was not to have a dig at him or Morelos but it's a wider annoyance about speculation making unproven players more valuable on FI than proven high scorers on the PB matrix.

    We could equally be having this discussion about Jack Clarke or Che Adams.

  • @gball1975 I wasn't trying to be rude with that post, it's just a bit strange how many people seem willing to gamble on unproven players outside of PB leagues who are already so pricey.

    Don't get me wrong, I've seen Morelos play and he looks decent, but as a general rule I steer clear of any non-PB league players if they're over £1.

  • @gloryhornet88 Hey, everyone has to start somewhere.
    And no worries at all, I'm made of thicker skin than that :-)

  • @kristiang85

    Morelos is currently on the up in his breakout season, scoring 26 in 36 so will be on the radar of PB teams, if say Barca took a chance on him to replace Suarez then his PB/MB potential would mean a significant price spike, but equally if it was China a big fall is likely. He only recently IPO'd so there's not many futures on the market, so any buying interest tends to have a significant effect on his price, rather like the youngsters you've never heard of in the EPL academies. Not saying this volatility is good or bad but just a fact; now what's he currently worth - well that rather depends on which direction you expect his career to go but given his undoubted ability & clearly fiery personality (sent off 3 times against Aberdeen so far!) he certainly has all the ingredients to give you a good ride for your money.

    As for Muriel, he's just largely failed in Spain so has returned to Italy to rebuild his career & at 27 is largely a know prospect hence his price.

  • @gloryhornet88 he may not be able to return dividends now. But I bought him at 1.79 in anticipation for a move in the summer which looks highly likely. By which time his price will rise further. I may not make a dividend but I will make a tidy profit when I eventually sell. Dividends is not the only way of making money....

  • @NewUser65631 Agree with that statement

  • Getting on a player we think will rise before he rises. Thats the bet isn’t it? If you think a player has a chance of a move in August and no-one’s looking jump in and get on. That is the game surely?

  • @Le-Blanc said in Morelos:

    Getting on a player we think will rise before he rises. Thats the bet isn’t it? If you think a player has a chance of a move in August and no-one’s looking jump in and get on. That is the game surely?

    Oh yes totally. But the original question was "why has he dropped so much?" when in fact the question should be "Why was he so high?"

    The drop is just a market correction, i.e. those feeling he has gone too high cashing in. My point earlier was that I can see him going lower before summer speculation kicks in. Unfortunately there don't seem to be too many patient people round here these days.

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