Liverpool winning the Title

  • As a Liverpool supporter i am beginning to wonder if we have missed our chance to win the title or is it going to be a big roller coaster ride until the end of the season. However, what i do know is that there has been a big drop in form in Salah and he has taken a big hit in price, i am hoping with the return of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain he will kick start the team back to winning ways. Lets hope he gets through the U23's match on Friday OK and is fit enough to be considered for the England squad for the summer, after missing out on the World Cup this young talent deserves some good luck.

  • Yes, @Harold007 you have missed your chance by blowing your 7pt lead.

    Oh well, there's always next year! πŸ‘

  • @Harold007 Yep as a Liverpool fan myself, it’s quite easy to see that we’ve completely bottled it again. Too many same same type players in the squad for my liking

  • I'm not sure if the Ox is the answer to all your problems but certainly concerned about Salah's form...

    It was actually the summer when I questioned my own hold on Salah wondering 'IF' he would be just a one season wonder in England knowing how defences the following season can wise up to opponents second time around, but that said he's scored 17 league goals this year and only one man has more!!!

    I'm perhaps more worried by Klopp's tactical approach.. he's certainly strengthened the defence which he needed to but has his focus been too largely on that this year? Maybe he became nervy with such a big lead, more cautious not to get beat rather than going for victory gung ho in the style of last year?

    People questioned did he need three defensively orientated midfielders against Everton? Have the midfielders contributed with enough goals?

    I think should Liverpool get knocked out by Bayern in the UCL and should they say 'sod it' and go back to tried and tested forward thinking free flowing chance taking football they'll have a better chance to pip City.. If they don't they won't?

    One thing is.. they should certainly get maximum points in seven of their last nine league games so the significant matches are at home to Spurs and Chelsea... City have United away (which i think they'll lose) and Tottenham at home (which i think they'll win) but I can't see them slipping up anywhere else?

    I'll certainly keep Salah until the end of the season but depending on his form over the latter stages it might pursuade me to rethink my strategy again this summer?

  • Salah need to start scoring, simple.

    I do find it amazing how liverpool fans are turning on Klopp, liverpool are in an amazing position.

  • its laughable to see the liverpool fans cracking up. You're one point off the top of the league!

    at christmas it was "the league is already won" and now its been "thrown away"

    comedy gold for the rest of the football world

  • They probably do need a more attacking midfielder. Expecting anything of AOC this season is a long shot and lallana looks done.

    Keita not hitting ground running is the main issue. Has shakiri run over klopps CA ?

  • I think @dannypea has hit the nail on the head, Liverpool have become very cautious and need to regain their ruthless attacking edge, as aforementioned there are not enough goals from the midfield and as i expressed i hope that's what the Ox might be able to bring back and also for England .

    Salah defiantly need to regain his scoring touch and i am sure that when he does his price will rise again.

  • I'm obviously not a fan but a blind man can see the problems.

    As people have mentioned above, why play 3 defensively minded midfielders? πŸ€”

    Coutinho played on the left of the 3 midfielders when you had the 'fab 4' early last season & he was hardly a defensive stalwart - so you can afford to play a creative player there. How about Lallana or Shaqiri?

    Also, Salah isn't scoring but last season he was running riot playing down the centre - why all of a sudden is he back on the wing?

    Klopp definitely cracking up... Can't see simple solutions that are staring him blindly in the face.

  • Eh eh eh, calm down, calm down scousers!

  • @Harold007 There is only 1 team winning the EPL and it's not a team in red, Even when Liverpool were 7pts ahead i was doubting them, now 1pt behind, forget it.
    AOC ain't getting close to the England squad at the moment, there are way too many high performing English talents right now, unfortunately I think he'll be probably injured again by the end of the season if he actually makes a return in April, the guy reminds me of Samuel L Jackson .

  • Think Liverpool missed the chance to win the title when Gerrard slipped. It was in your hands that year.

    This year you've been favourites but everyone has expected Man City to chase you down. The interesting thing, is City now lead and the pressure will move over to them. Can Liverpool pressure then into peaking to soon and come back?

  • This smacks to me of fan pressure affecting players. This is also why Newcastle find it hard to achieve success. Big clubs, but a massive weight of expectation is transferred to the players and they have the wrong mix of people in the dressing room to deal with that.

  • I appreciate all the responses from the non Liverpool supporters that just don't wont Liverpool to win the title, After seeing the reaction of the Everton supporters after they drew 0-0 was embarrassing, it was like they had won the league themselves, however, i am keeping the faith and looking forward.

    City won the league last year to easily, and we are the only team that are really challenging them at the moment, this has shown how Liverpool have progressed under Klopp onwards and upwards.

  • @Harold007 Everton's reaction was hardly embarrassing when you consider Klopp's reaction to the 1-0 victory that was handed to Liverpool in December. Everton's reaction is exactly what Liverpool's would be if the shoe was on the other foot.

  • Liverpool will win the league this year. Fact! We will come good, we have easier fixtures than City, City have some big players recently injured and Liverpool players will now realise after the Everton game how much everyone else wants them to fail which will give them that extra will to win. I wish Lfc fans would not give up so easy. #Istillbelieve

  • @Harmonica said in Liverpool winning the Title:

    Liverpool will win the league this year. Fact! We will come good, we have easier fixtures than City, City have some big players recently injured and Liverpool players will now realise after the Everton game how much everyone else wants them to fail which will give them that extra will to win. I wish Lfc fans would not give up so easy. #Istillbelieve


  • @Ellisandro lol, we'll see.

  • @Harold007 but did you see the reaction of your players & fans in the aftermath of the other derby win when Pickford gifted Origi a last minute goal? πŸ€”

    Pottle & kettle.

    Also, I'm not that sure you have progressed that much under Klopp from say Rodgers.

    Rodgers had a midfield of Henderson, Coutinho & Gerrard and Suarez, Sterling & Sturridge up front.

    Is that any worse than Henderson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, with Mane, Firmino & Salah up top? πŸ€”

    I think it's worse.... I would rather have Rodgers top 6!

    Klopp has sorted out the defense with spending 130m on Allison & Van Dijk but you could argue that TAA & Gomez would would have come through for Rodgers too & who knows what he would have bought with his 130m. πŸ™„

  • @Ericali said in Liverpool winning the Title:

    Pottle & kettle.

    Pottle - a plastic or cardboard container for foods such as yoghurt, fruit salad, or cottage cheese

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