Rayhaan tulloch

  • Has to be a riser especially if west bro make the prem but don't know much about him can anyone help

  • I'm not a great judge of the market at the minute but why would he be a riser? He doesn't appear to have set the world alight as of yet. I see he has played a few minutes in the cup but most youngsters appear fleetingly and then disappear. You obviously know more about the lad than me so any extra info would be welcome.

  • Not a lot to go on that's why I was asking except he's young at 18 and has represent England at under 16 and 17 and has some obvious potential by that reasoning alone no ?

  • I think his value may actually do better if WBA don't go up. If they come up there is a chance he just kicks around in their youth team all season. If they stay in the Championship he could get game time and look what has happened to the prices of Che Adams and Tammy Abraham with scoring goals at that level.

  • @Static I was thinking that actually since writing that as I've done a tad more research on him and believe you could be right but very early days and he's cheap as chips and could do well in time

  • heard great things about him myself!!! the next Bob Taylor???????? Can't see him at much more than a quid or two but 'IF' he gets linked with a move to Man City's academy he'll no doubt be worth a good £5 plus with folk touting him around as the next big superstar like they did with Saio Berahino!!!!

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