Best place to check football news?

  • I'm a new user, and I'm struggling to keep up to date with the latest news. I feel as though I'm finding out about transfer speculation and other FI relevant news a little bit later than most people. By the time I read an article, do much research on a player and decide on buying that player, I find their shares have already skyrocketed in that short space of time since the release of that article. For example, I read about Amaechi yesterday evening, the article couldn't have been more than 2 hours old, so I check his FI price and it had already skyrocketed 60p within that short space of time.
    What's the best app, news source or method of staying up to date without being glued to my laptop all?

  • @NewUser280785 I had this issue when I first started. I very quickly learned that it is very difficult if not impossible to hear this sort of news first. There are just so many active people on Twitter etc. You are better off trying to think ahead of the news coming out than trying to react to it. This is the approach i take and accept that i won't be on every jump in price.

  • have a look on here, there are a few links to news outlets

  • dont play the game that way - buy quality players you think will have their buzz over a course of time and just hold them. Then you will always be holding whenever news hits.

    My profit margins are much better now that I have stopped trying to chase the news.

  • @Rufio90210 @NewUser731
    thanks for the great advice.
    Just to be clear I understand what you're saying. It's better to buy players with a long term plan in mind? so I should go after players that I reckon will be in good form over the next few weeks or months, and players who I think will eventually make a move this summer?
    With that being said, what do think of Getting Gelson Martins now as Monaco are in form and he's been at the heart of everything for them recently?
    Also Cengiz Under who's constantly being Linked with Arsenal and is coming back from injury just in time for the potential quarter final fixture in the CL?
    I'm not saying I will buy them now, I'm just asking if these are the sort of strategies that I should use?

  • @NewUser280785

    Personally, I like to hold for a minimum 3 months and review players circumstances but ideally 1+ year.

    I like to see if the player has oppurtunities to get in the news over a course of time and as and when they happen you will be holding with each piece of news hopefully ticking players price up over time (albeit with highs and lows but generally going up)

    Example of 1+ year hold
    For Harry Kane potential news moments - 1. He returned from injury . 2. Arsenal Derby game. 3. High chance of champions league progression 4. ongoing Transfer speculation. 5 Nations League in June. 6. Possible summer transfer or at least speculation. 7. Always in with chance of PB and MB

    There are some good chances for Kane to get price spikes over the next 6 months and you can revalue potential moments again for the following 6 months at start of next season. ..... With Euro2020 though looks like a solid 2 year hol

    Raheem Sterling . - 1. always in with chance of MB and PB - 2 High chance. Man city Champions league progression. 3. Premier league title race. 4. Nations League in June

  • @Rufio90210

    You will see players shooting up 50% in a day and you will want to chase these kinds of things - but you will mainly always be too late to the party its not worth letting it make you feel your missing out.

  • @Rufio90210 sound advice you gave yourself there. 👍

  • @Rufio90210

    Are you saying that you take advantage of kane's price spikes - sell, and buy again when he dips a bit over the course of a year several times.

    Or you just hold him for a 1+ year hold and collect PB and MB

  • @NewUser274226 I would hold throughout rather than paying 2% commission each sell and you never know when he will win mb or pb they will add up over time want to make sure you hold when they do win

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