Axel Tuanzebe

  • Not trying to pump (much) as im currently in the process of buying some of him anyway but just wanted to know what any Man united fans though of him (they are welcome to pump or otherwise on my behalf) I dont know much about the lad apart from when ive seen him in a villa shirt prior to his injury in December he looked quality obviously that Championship so so doesnt necessarily mean he's going to be the next Rio Ferdinand.
    Unfortunately it sounds like Man united are not prepared to release him too us but hopefully he will be fit again in the coming weeks to add some quality to our shite defence.

    Currently £1.09 and slowly rising this week

  • He broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest game of Hungry Hippos.

    Not sure how many dividends you get for that but people on here seem to think how fast a footballer can run is relevant to their potential dividends and price, so I'm guessing this is relevant too.

  • @Yellow
    Well most of my portfolio is built around picking up regular divs from the HH factor something i believe they will be implementing as part of the SS so for me its a no brainer.

  • @Advinculas-Index
    A perfectly cromulent trading strategy - What are you thoughts on Tuanzebe currently?

  • Solid player, but, always just a minute away from a long-term injury, a bit like Eric Bailly which means he is not going to be worth a long-term hold imo. Never going to be an MB hold and lack of game time will mean he does not get other dividends and also not known as a goalscorer.

    Other than that, he's a great buy!

  • @qwertqwert why would you bump such a pointless 2 year old topic with such a pointless reply? :D

  • @Slimjim60 how do you know he is not a mb hold?

  • @o_O said in Axel Tuanzebe:

    @qwertqwert why would you bump such a pointless 2 year old topic with such a pointless reply? :D

    Why would you
    A:) open and read a thread you have deemed Pointless?
    B:) Take the time to reply to a thread you have deemed Pointless?

    A pointless Topic about a player who played last night in the Champions League?

    Should i perhaps have just posted something in the Trump or Biden thread instead? - Or added to the litany of threads people like to start up to announce that they are leaving FI.

    Apologies, i thought this was a Football Index forum - a Forum primarily aimed at discussing players on said Index , ill be sure to check in with you next time.

    Best Regards


  • A) and B) it only becomes obvious that it's 2 years old and pointless after you've opened and read it.

    You literally added nothing to the already 2 years out of date discussion, primarily about hungry hippos, except a made up word from the simpsons.

  • @o_O

    I wouldn't say Pointless, its re-opened a debate about a young English player that played last night in the CL- Its obviously wound you up and you are quite clearly busy having to keep on top of your forum mod duties, so i wont take up any more of your time.

    Toodle Pip.

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