Responsible Gaming Feature

  • I’ve just returned after locking myself out for 48 hours using the ‘Responsible Gaming’ feature (intentionally) for the first time.

    I’m all about long term strategy on here but can’t seem to break the habit of refreshing my portfolio every few minutes. After pretty much my entire portfolio failed to perform at the weekend I knew I’d be in for a rocky few days over the early week sell-off so decided to opt for a 48 hour time out.

    Football Index may not be as financially damaging as traditional gambling but ‘portfolio refreshing’ can consume way more time than I need it to and also affect my mood when it’s going in the wrong direction.

    I am grateful that the feature is there and will be sure to use it again in the future.

  • Believe it or not, I did exactly the same thing and was back on tonight. Although my portfolio has gone down a bit, the last 2 days have been a pleasure and opened my eyes to better things...I did a post about this great option before, and it's also great for newbies who claim to be in for the long term but get panicky during and after matches

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