• I'm hearing he is out of contract in 15 months will he sign a new deal or move on and what will happen to price either way ?

  • @Jad1982 think he's more or less said he's not going to sign hasn't he? Already being touted to real with a bale swap in this week's news. If it drags out his price will rise. If he signs a new contract I think his price will fall but don't personally think he will do.

  • I can't see Spurs paying Bales wages hes on £650k a week at RM

  • @Advinculas-Index i think bale knows he's not going to get that anywhere else anyway. the question then would be is he now in it for the money or to play football.

  • @Pimpmaster

    Even if they halve his wage it will be out of Spurs reach plus the fact that they would probably have to increase Harry Kanes wages ect to at least match them. Unless of course RM try to engineer a swap deal.

    It will be interesting to see who he does eventually go to and who is prepared to take a huge financial risk on a 30 year old player who’s best days are behind him.

    Arsenal can barely afford Denis Suarez so that not happening + his Spurs links.

    Chelsea can’t buy any player

    Man united? They have been burnt recently with the extortiate wages they are paying to another croc of a similar age in Sanchez do they really need to spend that type of £ on Bale when they could probably spend less and prise Sancho away.

    Liverpool is a possibly but who would he replace?
    Could they be reluctantly involved in a swop deal with Salah? - I know that’s an avenue I would be Persuing if I was on the RM board.

    The other possible scenario I can see is him being involved as part of an exchange deal with Neymar But even then would PSG want him.? And would he rule out his next move being away from the prem.?

  • @Advinculas-Index

    I think he could fill the gap Coutinho left at Liverpool, but Klopp will look elsewhere

    I'd say Neymar will leave, and Bale is a big name replacement. They have Cavani, Di Maria, Alves so age isnt an issue for the club

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