End of the season...

  • Bit of a question for the more experienced FI’ers here. Naturally there’s a weekly and daily buzz around FI as there’s games most days of the week and plenty of chances to win dividends.

    However, once the season ends and the summer gap begins with no regular PB eligible games, what is likely to happen to the platform and players prices.

    Do people sell up and take profits, waiting for drops before next season? Does the market take a drop and ‘correction’ after a long period of growth? What was it like last year? Thanks in advance

  • The PB players drop as no matches are being played, the MB players increase as it's triple media every day and it's the only way to earn dividends.

  • @Ericali strictly speaking weve never had a summer without something because last summer was the world cup. We don't really know what is guna happen. The PB players will probably drop but you argue they've already dropped a shit load anyway with people going crazy for players that hardly ever get a game or score on average about 20 point in the buzz anyway.

    Its likely everyone will just chase the big transfers of the summer.

  • @Stevo Agreed... But you don't have to go out in the rain, to know you are gonna get wet if you actually go out there do you?

    If there are no matches, I can bet my bottom dollar the PB players will drop & the money put into the players getting transfer speculation or the safe MB returners.

    It's a payout for the top 3 guys every day so it's inevitable that's where the money will go.

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