Reserve Price

  • Ok so before VJ got injured I had him in the sell queue reserved at £10.98 which my understanding of a reserve price means he’ll sell for no less than that price right?? Yet when his priced dropped dramatically my shares had been sold off at £10.28!! Why? Not happy!

  • @Barkez_86 I’ve never used the reserve price option before, but from what I hear it doesn’t work at all.
    Maybe an older trader can explain better.

  • Exactly as @Gregolocky2018 has explained above I’m afraid. It quite simply doesn’t work.

    FI are aware of the fact it doesn’t work too so I wholeheartedly disagree with the feature remaining ‘active’.

  • I wonder if FI are liable for this difference in loss?

  • @NewUser731 said in Reserve Price:

    I wonder if FI are liable for this difference in loss?

    They should be really, if they offer something then it should work, either that or remove the function.

  • Doesn't work, never has worked and I have no idea why it is an option. Contact F.I as I'm sure I've seen people on the forum say they've managed to get the difference refunded.

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