Wednesday Tips - 06/03/19

  • Top Tipsters :

    Pierre_FI.2129 - 0.51 pts
    C Arroyo - 0.33 pts
    Westy - 0.33 pts

  • Defender :
    Layvin Kurzawa (26) Paris Saint-Germain - £1.24

    Midfielder :
    Marco Verratti (26) Paris Saint-Germain - £2.44

    Forward :
    Stephan El Shaarawy (26) Roma - £1.61

  • you're almost certain PSG are in the quarter finals? even after today's CL madness?

  • @NewUser280785

    After watching the Old Trafford game yes...assuming Verratti starts the match.
    I though he was on another level to everyone else on the field, I won a dividend from Kimpembe on the night, but I thought Verratti was the star of the show. Was actually one of the best CM performances I've seen in as long a time as I can remember. The stand out CM performance in recent times anyway. No shame in losing to that. If Verratti keeps that up, I can't see how any team can beat them. However that's a very big "if". The player does get targeted, sad because at his best he's a real joy to watch, I don't like seeing him miss games through injury.
    One of FI's biggest bargains methinks.

  • Is this where people just suggest their holds or am I missing something?

  • @NewUser280785

    Wasn't all that mad really. I didn't watch the Madrid game, but I saw enough in the first leg to know Ajax are able to play Real off the pitch, they should have scored 4/5 in the first half in Amsterdam.
    Since that time I've put a lot more money into Dortmund, 7 holds there now and 5 started tonight. Sound like I watched the poor game.
    A few people here tipped Akanji and Diallo was also tipped, both were excellent and look good for future divs (on better days).

  • @C-Arroyo

    Missed a couple of days so need a result on Wednesday!! Small pool so should be a few winning shouts in here.

    Def - Marquinhos is the one that stands out. My heart says that United have a chance and could come out as world beaters, but their injury list means that the squad is down to bare bones at the worst possible time. I'm hoping for a famous night for United (and that's from an arsenal fan!!), but my head says PSG win and Marquinhos could be in their midfield picking up points all game long.

    Def - Pepe has every chance for me. Has settled in at Porto and is their starting cb. His goal record speaks for itself and his experience is second to none. Usually a big game player and this game will be huge for Porto. Historically decent for PB with a good passing stats and excellent goal stats.

    Mid - Got to go for my boy Zaniolo. Been singing his praises on FI for months and he could be set for another huge night.

    Not overly keen on many of the midfielders tomorrow so I'm going to leave it up to Zaniolo. Options were the likes of Di Maria, Brahimi and Herrera.

    FWD - Dzeko. These single days are usually low scoring affairs for the fwds, with any goal scorer being in with a shout particularly those with GWG. Dzeko is an obvious choice.

    FWD - Tiquinho has been scoring for fun and was rested at the weekend, against Benfica of all teams. Same reasons as above - any goal gives him a shout.

  • @nally93

    Correct assumption in part.
    I think this thread provides a platform for pump and dumps - a better one than repeat individual threads.
    However I think it offers more.

    Pumping poor players is hardly likely to score highly in regard to winning tips and points on the board.
    However those that post "good tips" have a chance of being "followed" by other investors, to mutual benefit.

    For new members it could be helpful in regard to seeing which players may be consistent, trending, in form, or good prospects.

    In a general sense though yes, it's an avenue where people are able to suggest their holds on a regular basis, which people will always choose to do. This thread can act as a tidy, organized and productive way of doing so.

  • @C-Arroyo

    Definitely open to abuse but, let's be honest, the whole forum is. Funnily enough the only player I own at the time of writing is Brahimi and I didn't feel strongly enough to tip for PB. I hold short term and he was an obvious riser - I certainly won't be holding come kick off and he hardly needs my help atm!

  • @nally93

    I can only speak as regard to my own motivation in choosing my tips.

    I've just had a pre split clean up of my portfolio, dumping at a cost (20% of my overall 14 month profit).
    I simply don't have any players I currently wish to dump.
    Those I choose to pump, I would further recommend as 18 month holds.
    When choosing which of the 125 holds I pump, I use a combination of
    (a) which fixtures are being played
    (b) who have managers recently/consistently been starting
    (c) recent form in games and past points performance.

    However I'm not discouraging others from pumping players they would prefer to "move on",
    I do feel that it sorts itself out with winning tips being awarded points and those who do well will be doing so based on merit and sincerity.

    I also plan to retain an emergent points board, essentially on any given day, all posters will be starting with the total amount of points accumulated by whoever stands in 20th place on the board - should we get that far.
    So in a sense points are cumulative, but only for those who are consistently providing winning tips to other investors.
    Even new members could be moving up the board following their first winning tip.

  • @Pierre_FI.2129

    I stand waiting to be corrected, but if I'm not mistaken.
    The only winning tips provided and the only points scored so far...have been by Gooners :)

    So that's the challenge to the rest of you !

  • @C-Arroyo Okay I suggest Lindelof, Greenwood and Rashford 🤣, in all seriousness I think Fazio and Cristante are worth a shout. Fazio is only 7p above his IPO but has returned 20p in PB, scores a decent number of goals for a defender too. I own 200 and won't be selling even if they go out. Cristante is a good long term hold, think he'll be a regular for Roma and Italy for years, chips in with the odd goal/assist and has won PB too.

    Edit, Roma have another single matchday on Monday at home against Empoli, 2 good chances for PB in 5 days, bought 100 in El Shaarawy after realising so he's my forward pick.

  • @nally93

    Most people have been suggesting players in categories, starting or ending with player positions.

    I choose from all the words on that basis, if confused I'll ask.

    I'll include the 3 Man Utd players only.

    you're more than welcome to suggest 5 or more (I'll only use the first 10 is there's spam to save myself time), please indicate in another comment if you would prefer me to include all 5.
    Otherwise I'll just stick with the 3.

    Points are given as a percentage of winning tips :
    1 win from 3 = 0.33 points
    1 win from 5 = 0.2 points

    I don't hold players over 29yo but I'm thinking about extra investment towards certain over 29 players. Some like Fazio clearly have the potential to pay for themselves in dividends and any future sale could be considered a bonus.
    Quagliarella might just do that in one season at 37yo.

    Cristante is one of my long term holds - If he beats Verratti to the dividend tomorrow I'll happily take it.
    As I did tonight with Kane, but I genuinely thought Alcacer (my tip) was a better shout at home and playing from the start.
    I also hold Pellegrini in that Roma midfield and I think they provide a foundation on which to build for the future.
    Zaniolo just feels a touch expensive for me, kid will probably score and prove me wrong....but I think my biggest threat is Tuchel only giving Verratti 70 mins.
    How many divs do I have to miss by a point because of substitutions...argh !

  • @nally93

    Just noticed the edit.

    I'll include :

    Defender - Lindelof
    Midfielder - Greenwood
    Forward - El Shaarawy

    Let me know if you want me to change that.

  • @C-Arroyo There's decent value in some older players, they're not going to rise loads in value but they give you a chance for PB and in Fazio's case he can't drop much, a bit of diversity for my portfolio. Yeah Quag does well for his age, remember him being linked to United years ago.

    I'll just go with the roma lads mate, fazio, cristante, el shaarawy.

  • @C-Arroyo ajax were outstanding, but lets face it real madrid treated the game like they were already through and the ramos incident did them no favours. That real madrid team are finished and PSG are a lot better. yes united have had a massive upturn but PSG will score Mbappe is going to catch them out as they are going to need to push forward.

  • players to shine tonight for me

    defender - alex telles
    midfielder - angel di maria
    forward - kylian mbappe

  • D- Alves
    M- Verratti
    F- Mbappe

  • Kolorov

    @nally93 I don't hold any of them... I do hold Rashford, Mbappe, Marquinhos, Zaniolo who all play tonight

    So for my honesty I deserve a pump.... all on Grujic, Klopp has promised him first team at Liverpool next year, vice captaincy, taking all set pieces.... (all lies)…
    but he is a b2b mid, was Klopps first signing, has played very well for Hertha and put in some good PB scores. I can see Klopp keeping him in the squad next year and given a chance could shine. Hendo/Gigi/Keita look far from irreplaceable.

  • Lindelof

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