Instant sell prices

  • How come players can have such varying % differences between the buy and sell price?
    As standard the sell price seems to be around 3% less (to the nearest penny) however I've noticed a few players with much bigger differences.
    A couple of examples... KDB currently almost 10% and Morelos is almost 15%. Have noticed this in various other players too and was wondering if there's any sort of reasoning behind this? Or a formula used to calculate?


  • Nobody can explain this I take it?

  • @NewUser121985 my understanding is they increase it a lot if it appears a big sell off may be happening to avoid a market crash. No idea why those particular players have big spreads but something along those lines.

  • @NewUser121985 this means a number of shares are qued in the market and they haven't been bought yet. KDB for example will of gone down because of the injury however rather than instant selling they sell to market. If no one buys and before he is due to come back people can take them back if they're not sold

  • Yeah it is all to prevent a crash. They raise the spread between buy and sell price to convince people that it's not work selling now as you instantly lose a portion of the player's value. It is a good thing, although when you really want to sell it doesn't feel so good.

    Remember that when a good player is returning from injury they will get traders buying in, expecting a return in value. I find that you can be patient and sell at the normal price and someone will buy, or just wait until the price rises again. I always think about the long term - a good player is a good player and he'll return back to, or exceed his value after an injury.

    If they're moving to China, though, get on the instant sell!

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