Zaniolo top up or stick

  • I have watched Zaniolo a few times in Seria A and Champions league and think he has a great future but currently it seems I picked him up very near his top price, do I top up before Champs league match or wait in case Roma get knocked out. Knowing the gut reaction of FI investors instant sellers and watch him fall further into the red? Already in the red but do view him similer to Havertz and Felix as a long term holds? Thoughts anyone?

  • @Stewart-C Going on VJ last night, another long term hold. he lost 44p off his price as a result of being knocked out. If you plan to top up, you have to wait until after CL tie and see where he stands..

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  • @Stewart-C I'm in the same boat with both Havertz and Zaniolo. Yes their both in the red for me as well. I'm not concerned. After SS Havertz will be around £1.75 and Zaniolo £1.25 per share. I'm currently down 50p per share on each. I can see both of them being worth more than £2.25 and £1.75 (cancelling out loss) in time afterwards, can you?

  • @NewUser285451 VJ price drop was down to him going off injured in the first half

  • I'd hedge on Roma winning - if Zaniolo loses money on defeat he will make it back and more next season. He is one of my long term holds

  • cant see roma losing tonight and if you wait i feel zanilio will only rocket back up in price certainly if he does the same as previously with scoring a brace and being star player also stated they have a single match day monday feel he will rise back to peek price

  • I'd wait... Porto only need to win 1-0 & Roma are out.

    There's little chance of a move in the summer & his price could be affected by -50p loss a share.

  • something else i'd add... I have 65 shares in zaniolo… 15 of which have been in the sell queue for over a week (diversifying, not losing faith). His price has gone up in that time and none of mine have sold... which suggests quite a big sell queue on him. That means there is additional scope for a big rise as people cancel their sells when the team sheet comes out, or if he starts and plays well... if he scores first he will go to £7+ I reckon. If Roma lose i'd say the hit on him would be 20-25p at most... so for me reward outweighs the risk.

  • I’d add that if Roma don’t make the CL next season (not currently in top 4) there’s bound to be rumours about players leaving, I’ve seen it already with Dzeko.

    In terms of FI trends I would guess that at some point traders might realise that rather than buying expensive young players who possibly maybe might get a few minutes in the future and may or may not be quite good, they could buy equally young players who are already putting in good performances every week for PB league CL sides - and players like Zaniolo and Havertz will benefit.

  • Thanks for all the responses guys very much appreciated. Decided to go with the top up and hold option as there is a £40mil plus player in there and his price after SS will look appealing performances dictating obviously.

  • @Stewart-C see he has been linked with Newcastle today, bigger clubs to follow? Roma have got a challenge to qualify for CL next season. His form has also dipped since those 2 goals against Porto in the first leg.

  • form is temporary class is permanent

  • Need another story and photos about his mum to give us a rise 😂

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  • @Tom77 The SS has stopped me pressing the IS button. I agree don't want to start chasing to get the money back I'd lose, guaranteed he would start increasing in price. How much lower do you expect his price to go?

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  • @Tom77 hopefully, Zaniolo went to -90p from -58p - 55% that was my loss on him on Monday during a weeks period. He's dropped a further 29p this week so far. You've been here a lot longer than me, is it becoming harder to judge player movements, seems very erratic and without reason. Last couple of weeks my timing of buying has been terrible.

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