• Any other Bolton fans in here worried the fixture may not go ahead this weekend? if we cant fulfill the fixture and the EFL believe we wont be able to fullfil the fixtures till the end of the season then that could be the end as the EFL protocol then would be to kick the club out of the league and that would be the end.

  • I’m guessing Anderson will eventually pay whoever he needs to just before the deadline, whether it be local police or security firm.

  • its wages to the staff. some staff have said they are not turning up to the game on saturday so there is a hearing with the council today. if they believe the club cant guarentee that enough staff are in place to meet the safety laws then the game is cancelled today. anderson has no money to pay he's already come out and said wages will not be paid until a sale of the club goes through.
    it really could be the end this week just hope its not.

  • @Pimpmaster It’s not the first time Anderson has said there isn’t any money, he usually gets something sorted at the last minute. I believe the deadline is 1pm today?

  • the problem is, is that all the other times it got here anderson borrowed money. the club is skint, the club bank accounts look like they have been frozen as the season ticket money for march has still not been taken a week later. anderson has no cash to put in and thers is not many left who would lend the club cash. brett warbuton is about the only possibility of lending money.

  • @Pimpmaster Just heard that the game on Saturday goes ahead

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