Fekir or Thauvin

  • Which one is better for dividend return? I need someone from French league.

  • @Sebastian said in Fekir or Thauvin:

    I need someone from French league.


  • I've not been active on this site long, I've read numerous times it's good to diversify the portfolio so trying to cover top leagues.

  • @Sebastian if you're after dividends I've possibly say thauvin although fekir wins a decent amount. If you're after capital appreciation then fekir all day long.

    I cant see fekir staying at Lyon forever and if he moves it's likely to be to liverpool or Chelsea.

    Cant see thauvin moving to a club much bigger than Marseille as hes already played for Newcastle and didn't do a great deal.

  • Thauvin has had 36p this season (all PB I think 3 wins?) & £1+ capital growth but I don't hold Fekir & he's been injured for quite a few games too.

  • Thauvin was great last season but not so much this... as too was Fekir but the reason i would side with Fekir is he has sell on opportunities to England where Thauvin failed at Newcastle and i doubt they'll be much media interest in him going forward?

  • Fekir is the man in form; 241, 224, 194 from 4 appearances in last month - looks back to his best. Imagine there will a fair amount of transfer spec again this summer (or even an actual transfer!)

  • I would say if you're buying for PB there isn't a lot of this season left so limited dividends.

    If they don't come with the bonus of transfer spec or MB buzz then perceived wisdom is value will drop.

    Right now get ahead of the curve and look for players with summer transfer spec and MB buzz. Then sell on and start picking up your PB players mid summer after their value drops. Getting ahead of the curve again.

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