Akanji or koulibaly

  • Which defender to invest in for future? Thinking more koulibaly because of links to England.

  • Why not both?

  • Maybe your right, my budget is minimal so would rather hold more futures in one than a few in both.

  • Akanji most likely to win PB but Koulibaly likely to get MB if Man Utd transfer speculation continues or gets green light - your choice.

  • I think the utd link is already built in to his current price. Skririnar was also, and when news came out of a new Inter contract it dropped. Id exect Koulibaly to drop if any news saying hes staying at Napoli.

    Akanji is solid PB. And currently no transfer rumour built in...so if he stays a PB king at dortmund he will stay settled price, if he suddenly gets a transfer he will go up.

  • I’d agree with the above and go for Akanji

  • @Indexical
    I hold more Zagadou myself though as he’s younger so lot of potential to rise.

  • Kouliably - Not much difference between their PB scores and Napoli are still in Europe, will be one of the strongest sides defensively if they reach the quarters which is where those clean sheet points should be important. Plus the transfer links to United in the summer, look at his graph the last month or so, been steadily rising.

    Both good holds imo.

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