• Is he likely to rise if he get some game time against rennes on Thursday as lacazette is suspended

  • He's gone up 8p in anticipation, so here's hoping!

  • Well if Brewster can without playing...If Kieran O hara can rise 74% without being anywhere near his club....

  • Been saying for a while that he is good value considering the ridiculous prices of some of these youngsters, high chance he will feature in one of the games against Rennes with Lacazette suspended for both games.

  • @Jad1982 I'm hoping too. I have 100 in him, as one of my wild gambles. He's the only one on my portfolio who is not playing regularly for his club in their prospective leagues.

  • The big success stories this season are young players bursting onto the scene. The price in no way reflects their dividend potential, but there's a lot of FOMO with those prices which creates a self fulfilling prophecy!

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