Ajax players - CL winners 2019 !!

  • Wow...what a team, massively impressed with them in both legs and thought they were mightily unlucky to lose the first leg......so glad they gave Madrid a footballing lesson !!!

    Second coming of the infamous 1995 team ??? Bloody well hope so as bought a Sh!tload of Neres and Ziyech.......

    Up the Ajax !!!

  • when the draw came out i fancied Ajax but must admit i didn't as much after they got beat in Amsterdam by Real but i still had a few quid on a 2-1 win last night (couldn't have been more wrong as by the time i'd done the mrs's pancakes and flicked on the telly i had already missed the first two goals).

    Great performance though and i've been saying for a while they look like a team of star players in the making... Its just a real shame they'll inevitably break up come the summer.

    Not sure they'll all get a move... De Ligt, Tagliafico, Onana all rumoured to be causing interest... de Jong gone de Beek to follow... I can't see Ziyech going to anyone 'better' than Ajax but certainly think Neres could interest a few? Exciting times to see where these boys go from here because some cracking players destined for big things!!!

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