Portfolio honest thoughts

  • I have been on FI since new year and started with £500. My current portfolio looks like this with number of shares and current profit/loss per share.

    Current price is £541.06.

    Neymar x4 +2.12
    Hazard x4 -0.37
    Salah x6 -1.24
    Kane x4 +2.21
    O Dembele x1 -0.37
    Bale x5 +0.34
    Jovic x3 -0.46
    Eriksen x2 -0.17
    Maddison x6 +0.20
    Chiesa x4 -0.02
    Koulibaly x6 +0.61
    Chilwell x7 +0.63
    Gomez x5 +0.14
    Haller x3 +0.17
    Goretzka x6 -0.02
    Cavani x3 -0.33
    Guilherme x4 +0
    Rebic x2 -0.05
    Atal x7 +0.11
    Skov x6 +0.08
    Mkhi x9 -0.03
    Bediashile x10 -0.01
    Prcic x9 -0.03****

    Any critisms of this group? Thoughts are a mixture of MB/transfer spec and PB potential.
    Unsure if I need to reduce the number of players to keep it managable and maximise profits per player.

  • Looks decent! I would monitor the bale situation. He's too risky for me. Plenty of diversity and come the split should see profits rise.

  • With Bale I can see a summer long ‘transfer saga’ giving day after day of MB, especially if he is linked to United. But yes I’ll keep an eye out!

  • @Neil2265

    Hi Neil, as new investor can I ask how you got the £41 profit from theat original £500

    the port looks a bit up and down throughout (I can see why you're holding those players). Is the bulk of your gain from MB ?

    I've only just started but have plumped for lower price players that I expect to get moves or more game time. But if you're getting that return from holding small numbers on each and from MB I may need to diversify.

  • @Munchie63 most of the ups are bigger than the downs so seems about right, although he wrote it 5 or 6 hours ago which makes me wonder about how correct the Cavani drop is ???

  • @Munchie63 This isn't my original portfolio, I have been through a number of players and settled on these.
    For example held a few Longstaff last week and sold for a good profit.
    Cavani has dropped 30 odd pence since posting last night!

  • @Neil2265

    IMO you have too many players, you’re not going to get any real traction there (just IMO).

  • @Neil2265

    Also. Take for instance Koulibaly. You’re essentially betting on him joining Man United. Of course he might, but he’s already priced like he’s halfway there.

  • @Timothee-Atouba he is getting closer with regards to PB scores, which is my main reason for holding, any MB will be a bonus

  • Thanks for the thoughts,
    I agree I probably have too many players. Am thinking to take my profit on Koulibaly (depending on Europa) and Chilwell (around international break) and put them into one player - possibly top up on Kane or Jovic.
    May also take my losses on Cavani since PSG are out

  • @Neil2265
    I know this isn't the right thread to ask this but since you're talking about Cavani. If he drops anymore than he already has, and you manage to pick him up at 1.7-1.9£ then surely that's amazing value for money because he's still gonna provide the goods in Ligue 1 when he'll fully fit and back from injury. There's a great profit to be made just from IPD alone in the next month. Not to mention some serious chance of PB, if he grabs a hattrick in the next month against some French farmers.

  • @NewUser280785 I see your point but generally I try to avoid buying for purely IPD as I always see it as a bit of a gamble for a few pence return per share.
    Would rather put it into a young player with potential for some price increase or an injured player due back (done this with Gomez who I hold and AOC who i've sold on)

  • @Neil2265 I would second this, about less players. Not a bad thing to have a variety to start with to see how it all works. But after while maybe wittle it down to a few you can really keep an eye on- watch their games, their PB stats, performance, injuries, transfer spec. Having too many players is like looking after too many sheep- you simply can’t keep an eye on them all 🐑

  • @Valhalla said in Portfolio honest thoughts:

    Having too many players is like looking after too many sheep- you simply can’t keep an eye on them all 🐑

    Except you know there's a lot of grass missing!

  • @Valhalla Tried to have a clear up last night, sold Cavani, Koulibaly and Haller. Picked up some shares in Mendy (returning from injury before the end of the season). May also top up on Erikson (his price looking low and champions league/transfer spec potential)

  • Think you did the right thing on koulibaly, he is 28 in June not convinced he will join United at all, they have never spent big money on ageing defenders and can’t see why they would start now.

  • Even if Kouli did move, no guarantee it would top the MB. So much transfer talk every day through summer, he might get lost in the ether, and be one of those frustrating guys that comes top 10 for a week but doesn't take gold.

  • Promising that others are thinking the same as me! Made a solid 25% on him so happy with that and move on.
    Perhaps Maguire could be a target? Younger and english, good with the ball at his feet etc?

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