Thursday Tips - 07/03/19

  • Top Tipsters :

    1 - Pierre_FI.2129 - 0.51 pts
    2 - C Arroyo - 0.33 pts
    2 - Pimpmaster - 0.33 pts
    2 - Westy - 0.33 pts
    5 - Sandtoss - 0.25pts

  • Defenders :
    Antonio Rudiger (25) Chelsea - £2.08
    Elseid Hysaj (25) Napoli - 97p

    Midfielders :
    Pablo Sarabia (26) Sevilla - £2.63
    Piotr Zielinski (24) Napoli - £2.02

    Forwards :
    Quincy Promes (27) Sevilla - £1.30
    Simone Verdi (26) Napoli - £1.75

  • Christensen
    Banega / Parejo

    Good luck everyone

  • Koulibaly
    Ben Yedder

  • @Ynot_b

    The only reason I don't hold (and didn't tip) the Senegalese Gladiator is he can't play in Euro 2020, so doesn't meet my current affordable criteria.

    He's a great tip I think though, if I diversify to non-euro internationals, then he'd be one of the first in. A great long term FI investment at his current price I think, as well as being a favorite for dividends on nights like tonight.

    At 97p I'll be buzzing if Hysaj gets forward and bags a rare winner.
    Wouldn't want to be the Salzburg player picking Kouli up on set pieces though. (As much as they've impressed, Napoli are a higher level to Leipzig with much more experience).

    I'm holding this young keeper Meret too, recent buy and I'll be happy with a clean sheet. Was unlucky to see red on the weekend when Malcuit dropped him in the s*** with a horrible pass. Ronaldo of course dived like the expert he is - dumped today, so I can go back to not liking him :)

  • Def- Grimaldo / Skirirnar
    Mid -Banega / Parejo
    Fwd- Hazard / Aubameyang

  • Sokratis

  • @Vespasian32 Ever good Ever good, Ever Banega good!

  • @Indexical

    Andreas Christensen : 1/4 x 2 = 0.5 pts

    Great tip tonight.

    I'm also holding Christensen, as well as Ruiz. I've had a good night, but not feeling great about my tips.
    Genuinely thought team mates Rudiger and Zielinski stood a better chance on double div day.

    I put Christensen at around £3 so I'll enjoy the dividend and continue to hold. A dividend tonight and a modest rise in price is not enough to think about selling.

  • Top Tipsters :

    1 - Pierre_FI.2129 - 0.51 pts
    2 - Indexical - 0.50 pts
    3 - C Arroyo - 0.33 pts
    3 - Pimpmaster - 0.33 pts
    3 - Westy - 0.33 pts
    6 - Sandtoss - 0.25 pts

  • Interesting point of note :

    All winning tips thus far have been in the defenders market.
    Akanji, Tah, Christensen & Telles.

    We need to step up our game in the mid/fwd market guys.

    Either that or there's an important lesson to learn, if that is so it will become increasingly apparent to each of us.
    Perhaps the defenders market is more reliable and easier to predict ?
    A little early to say for sure.

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