Tuesday 19th Dec - IPO Bargains

  • FI have have hinted at some sort of Xmas present on the Index, fingers crossed it's some amazing IPO's and not a free Xbox Controller or replica Costa Rica shirt! :-)

    Either way tomorrow's IPO's are looking very juicy in their own right.

    Zinchenko is a dark horse getting game time for City and at 30p represents the greatest value of the day. Don't expect him to hit the 1.16 of Angel Gomes but suspect he'll reach 90p at launch followed by a slow climb.

    Kyle Walker-Peter's extremely unlucky to be frozen out of the team by the purchase of Aurier but still makes the match day squad on a regular basis. Convinced he'll be Spurs 1st choice RB come 2019 so 40p is a snip for a youngster who's shown he can do it at the highest level.

    Mariano Diaz needs no introduction, smashing them in for Lyon and Real are probably thinking they've made a mistake. It's very hard to tell where he'll settle as the strikers values are all over the place, as a guess I'd say minimum £1.20 maximum £2 but I should imagine it could be around the £1.50 mark representing a huge jump from 70p.

    Guedes is a VERY promising player and one I've been waiting for myself. Can't see a huge jump from 60p but a worthy hold for anything less than 90p.

    Diogo Jota, with Wolves flying on their way to EPL this guy is producing top drawer baseline's with goals to match. I wouldn't normally opt for a Championship player but he's on loan from Atletico, still only 20/21 and only 40p so think he's quite a solid bet.

    Gerson at Roma is a young ferret at 20 and only 60p so there could be interest in him as he is getting game times there.

    Unal has a Man City buy back clause but I can't see that being triggered until he sets La Liga alight so although he's a bright prospect I don't think that anyone's at risk of missing that train come tomorrow.

    N'Koudou is cheap at 40p but let's face it, he's not making it at Spurs especially with Lamela coming back and will be back in France come September.

    Cancelo isn't worth bothering with from what I can see and if you get Buzz for having a legendary father then Klinsmann might be worth 30p one day :-)

  • Completely new here, what is a IPO?

  • @NewUser106603 said in Tuesday 19th Dec - IPO Bargains:

    Completely new here, what is a IPO?

    Initial Public Offering. It's a share launch which is set at a certain price.

    At the moment 10 new players are introduced to the market at set prices but at random times within an allocated 2 hour timeslot.

    You can find this list on the blog pages within the homepage.


  • That was meant to say 10 every day although they're having a break after Friday until the new year.

  • So annoyed at missing out on Guedes! Searched for him at 75p and 87p a share but by the time squad list loaded he'd already shot up. By the time I actually found him he was at £1.20! Crazy

  • Not worth it

  • Zinchenko starts at 50p rather than 30p why?

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