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    This was originally posted by @Fletch.

    I wanted to resurrect it and share it as the Share Split is close and I'd like everyones views, whether good or bad on my current portfolio and should I change anything.

    I've been on for 2 months now invested £1000 and portfolio is worth just under £1050, and £4.67 in divs

    I've made mistakes, I've got 5 or 6 players I bought to high but hopefully that will be resolved by the SS. I've got an itchy instant sell desire over Havertz especially with Rashford going to win media buzz today. I wanted 5 and got 25 more than I wanted by hitting the buy max button. This has somewhat hampered where I was using the money, and his decline hasn't helped.

    I think I'd had a few when I bought Vukasin Jovanovic. Don't remember buying him, don't know who he is or the reasons why i bought him lol

    Anyway here is my current portfolio

    0_1551956560644_Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 10.45.06.png 0_1551956592922_Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 10.45.17.png

  • Havertz actually sells pretty quickly. If you were wanting to sell him, put him to market. He's a popular player. My advice on him is that I believe his price will rise again and you haven't lost anything on him until you decide to sell him.
    Try not to worry too much by the drops in value - prices recently have been going downwards but hopefully they'll be shooting back up at the end of the month! It's a nice, diverse portfolio and after SS, you'll have a decent amount of shares in a number of players and I think you'll start to reap the benefits of sitting tight
    Good luck! :D

  • @SgtSnowman ta, i'm not concerned about the drops. I'm just frustrated that the £250 Havertz mistake was meant to be shared between Rashford, Kane and Pogba. I didn't anticipate having 120 futures in him after SS. I know he will come good. Just weighing up what the best option is.

  • I'd suggest trimming your portfolio down to 15-20 players

  • @AJH1982 isn't diversity the key?

  • @John-D Yes to an extent. My opinion is that you are spread thinly across a number of players so won't see any significant gains. But that's my way of playing everybody has different tactics and targets. I have 22 players with 3k invested.

  • @AJH1982 surely that depends on the players we buy? I was going to trim it down a little 25-30.

  • @John-D Yes that's true. The way i do it is i have 20 futures minimum in each player and i would rather have that than 4 players with 5 shares each. The players i have picked are fairly safe and certain, as much as they can be, to rise and therefore i see bigger gains (obviously not realised until i sell). It is good to be diverse but harder to pick 30 players who are going to rise rather than 15 and the 15 who don't rise erode your profits. You can still be diverse with 15-20 players. But everybody has there own way of playing. I think i am fairly risk adverse and i don't trade much, i'm up £800 on my investment and £45 dividends since mid December.

    Also in my opinion you should maybe go for a few more Premiership players and a few more MB/PB potential.

    But i could be completely wrong :)

  • diversification is great... its low risk in a well performing platform. But the rewards are reduced in line. You can pick 50 players from the top 200 and have a share in each and be comfy that over a year you will probably make 10%

    The thing is though, on the same platform there are people making 50% + in a day... albeit high risk.

    Personally I went high risk early on to build up some value in my port, then diversified so I could still own a worthwhile amount of shares in each player. I did this by picking up injured players whose value had dropped significantly (Kane, Martial, Alli…) and cheap players who boom on match day or have an obvious path to higher prices (Grujic, IPOs, Vardy). I made 1k on 10k investment in one month... and a couple more K since and some extra deposit too … which then allowed me more scope to diversify and still have 25 shares + in each player.

    Everyones port value will be different but you can understand and apply the concept... if you put £10 and play the safe game... you might be on £11 in 6 months, if you know/expect and are happy with that … it's good. If you want to turn £10 into £20 in a few months you have to take more risks. Same applies for £1000/£10,000 etc.

    Personally id be happy with 1% ROI on £1m :) but would want 100% ROI on £100

  • Well personally I would like to be aiming between 5-10% growth per month, that does mean chopping and changing. Anything less I may as well put it back in my bank.

  • @Vespasian32 ok if my portfolio was yours who would you get rid of? I wanted to get Martial and Brooks the other day with being injured but had no funds.

  • @John-D what bank do you use my currently pays 0.75% annually 5% monthly and I would stick my money in the bank 🏦

  • @NewUser35208 santander 1-2-3 current account was 3% up to 20k probably been downgraded now. Been halved, shows how much notice i've taken. 😂

  • @John-D

    Firstly wait until you identify a target... maybe someone tonight picks up a month injury and drops 30p... that would be my target player

    Potential sale would be a Parejo/Kimmich type - he is pure PB … but with just 5, would him winning 5 times a year really benefit you? I think you need to play the capital appreciation game to begin with... sell him as his price rises tonight pre-kick off, or by half time if his PB score is looking ok and people are buying into him.

    Brewster is another... you did the right thing and rode the trend and you've made some money. But he is a risk player - so take the profit and do it again on another target. (I could be wrong and he might do a Greenwood and make another £2... but he doesn't play for Utd, so probably not).

    Grujic was a great buy - so whatever drove you to him.. that's the strategy to adopt to build some funds... then play the PB game.

  • @Vespasian32 Grujic Liverpool connections, Thoughts on Harry Winks?

  • @John-D Jovanovic is a good long term hold. Impressive PB scores so far and expect him to rise once he receives more attention.

  • @John-D How long is Winks out... If he is back in a few weeks I'd say good buy, because he will be back in the team. If its a bit longer the trouble is Spurs could buy better in the Summer and he becomes a lifelong sub/rotation option (he's earned his chance based on Wanyama/Dier injuries and form... Not necessarily because he is a champs league quality midfielder.

  • @Vespasian32 march 9th late fitness test on Physio room. Longstaff 4 months, is that too long an injury?

  • @John-D id say avoid longstaff - he will make a comeback, but in the time it takes, you could make more money elsewhere. Longstaff could still lose value too - with the news coming out, maybe anyone that cant login throughout the week will catch up and decide to dump him.

    August time I will be very interested in him. Personally im not fussed about being the first to buy back... I will let the market tell me when its time (by watching him rise 5-10p in day or two) then ill rejoin.

  • @Vespasian32 I'm not buying into him, too risky. Will you be interested in Garner tomorrow?

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