New trader (less than a week) How long for a market sale?

  • I've been on FI less than a week and doing really well so far, invested 150 and up £4 ROI thanks to Man U last night! I'm looking to sell greenwood on the market cause I bought him at £5.63 don't think he will be back on the bench once martial, lingard ect all return. It seems to be taking ages in the selling que to go through and i'm not sure why?

  • @Nivlek1967 Literally how long is a piece of string?
    Depends on the demand of the player, where you are in the sell que, how many traders are buying that playing but also how many are selling that player.

  • One indication is to look at the gap between the buy price and the instant sell price.
    Compare that gap to other similarly priced players.
    When the gap is greater it is because there are already a lot of people in the sell que.
    When the gap is at it's lowest level at this price (around £6)
    the difference should be about 40p
    However with Greenwood the gap is closer to 70p, as with Cristiano Ronaldo.
    Make sense ?
    Hope it helps.

  • @C-Arroyo Yeah that does cheers. Was also curious that once you decide to market sell you can't pull out to then instant sell can you?

  • @Nivlek1967 You can cancel 'market sell' at any point but I wouldn't instant sell as it is a bigger loss unless that profit out weighs the loss (which is something only you can decide)

  • @Nivlek1967

    Yes you can change your mind - simply cancel the sale.
    The player will drop back into your portfolio.
    Then you should be able to instant sell.

    If you are unable to see the instant sell price, because the red has been replaced with "cancel", simply find your player in the listings, view his IS price, then make your decision.

    (If the player cannot be instant sold, it is because FI have suspended trading, could be one of a number of reasons)

    It's quite a big difference at around 70p a share, almost 10%.
    I wouldn't IS at that loss unless you're very much expecting the player to drop by a greater amount within a few days.

    This is actually one of the rare occasions I'm engaging in IS.
    The only reason I've used it recently is to free up funds for new players who I expect will cover those IS losses and further have a higher rise and put the overall trading into the green - I want my new portfolio ready before FI announces changes on the 18th of this month.
    Before that I didn't use IS for around 12 months. During that time I'd say I've saved 10-15% from patience. Typically they do eventually sell after days/weeks depending on status. Rarely do they drop below that saving and result in regret not getting rid earlier via IS.
    Patience on FI is typically rewarded.
    Easier said than done. I spent 12 months playing around and accepting that. Now all my players are 18 month holds.
    I sell and reinvest when they hit a price I pre-set when I buy, what I believe is their true value.
    So I'm content that all of my players are good value, I watch games and try to be patient (it's an 18 month thing), treat dividends as a bonus...and watch as my players slowly rise giving my capital appreciation.

    Players I've sold this past week :
    Jonathan Tah (up 150% in 3/4 weeks)
    Oxlade-Chamberlain (up 10% in 24 hours)

    Both sold via que within 24 hours
    Wouldn't be at all surprised to see your Greenwood sold at his current buy price within 24 hours, saving you 10%

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